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when i head to camp

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  • when i head to camp

    i have read all i could find,but im going to ask anyway please bare with me.
    im am new to the private contractor stuff.
    what do most of you take when you go to camp and in your line pack?
    i have to basics sleeping bag,clothes etc.
    im kinda looking for more of this is for me kinda thing,stuff that makes your stay better IE meds,bandanas,mini first aids,stuff to help settle the food,the little extra things.

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    Originally posted by toyman2 View Post
    i have read all i could find,but im going to ask anyway please bare with me.
    im am new to the private contractor stuff.
    what do most of you take when you go to camp and in your line pack?
    i have to basics sleeping bag,clothes etc.
    im kinda looking for more of this is for me kinda thing,stuff that makes your stay better IE meds,bandanas,mini first aids,stuff to help settle the food,the little extra things.
    We are recommended to have these things in our line gear at all times:

    Space Blanket
    Extra pair of socks
    Baby powder
    Ear plugs

    As far as camp stuff and things for health:

    Sandals for the showers
    enough socks and underwear to change regularly
    Any meds you bring need to be in their original bottle
    Pepto? for the food

    You just have to find the balance between the stuff you think you need, and the stuff that you will actually want that you don't have.


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      Hey Cim, good to see you on here. I'm on the wildland task force this year, and we have a list for our mob pack that I'll send to you when I get into the station. It should have everything you need.


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        thanks paul,the test didnt go so well on the coast.
        i need to get ahold of you to find out what your studing for fire tests,oh and i got my ifsta ff1


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          I have a packing list of items from your red bag (duffle) and your line gear given by one of the senior guys who's been "out west" a few times, i'll have to see if i can post it on here
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            rangerjake that would be cool thank you


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              cold and flu tablets
              blister band aids
              cepecol cough drops


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                If you take any medications, make sure you have proper authorization to have them with you and they are kept in the correct container. You may want to take a Rx just in case additional meds are needed, lost, or stolen while you out.

                Otherwise, they could be taken from you and you may be sent home or held by security (aka: Twigpigs). Drugs and Alcohol are a big NO..NO around camps.


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                  First, (at the least on the western half of the US),the "Twigpigs" are not responsible for enforcing prescription regulations. The medications that anyone whom happens to be in the firecamp, are strictly under the users control, and the only one that might raise an eyebrow would be a controlled precriptions such as various painkillers. Now, if your dealing pills out of your tent, basecamp security might get a bit suspicious, otherwise, its not their job. As far as the underlying question as to what is needed if you have prescriptions, as long as the name on the bottle matches your ID your fine, OTC medications are no paperwork needed.

                  In regards to leaving stuff at camp, it never a good idea to leave anything of value in basecamp, and if you read through any of the documentation regarding federal fires that is stated ( Directed towards Toyman2, your agency should have copies of its federal/ state contracts it signed that will outline these policies). Basecamp security is there to keep the peace so to speak, and they will most likely not stop someone from going into any various tent, unless the situation seems suspicious. Overall, if you have valuables with you,take them with you otherwise its your fault if something is stolen.
                  Just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean it's not incredibly stupid.


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                    thanks for the help guys


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                      We make it a rule on our engine that you make camp going off shift and pack it up going on shift. We never leave a trace that we have been in camp while on the line. It keeps you from having to find your tent after a wind storm, keeps your tent from disappearing for other reasons, and if you get reassigned or sent to a spike camp it saves you the embarrassment of asking to get of the line early to go get your stuff. Build camp at night and tear it down in the morning. Being there the next night is never definate.
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                        Some special items:

                        Deck of cards
                        Parachute cord
                        Take some duct tape and wrap it around a short pencil (you'll have enough for emergencies and it wont take up too much room)
                        Don't leave anything in camp that you can't do without.
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