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Need suggestions from the experienced. Brush Trucks

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  • #16
    I pretty much agree with PoorBoy, but based on his previous posts, I'd say we're in pretty much the same situation here in Oklahoma.

    A 10 gpm 1000 psi pump isn't going to cut it here, at least not for direct fire attack. If you're doing mop-up, or want to drag the hose into the woods to put out a pretty simple ground cover fire, it would probably work.

    We need more volume for our typical grass fire.

    We also just rigged one of our grass rigs to draft, and will probably make that the standard after we give it a go over the next 12 months.

    One last note on volume....I also want a set up so that if it goes bad, I've got enough volume to defend the truck (and my crew) if I have no other choice. Wouldn't feel comfy if I knew all I had was a 10 gpm high pressure hose.
    Bryan Beall
    Silver City, Oklahoma USA


    • #17
      I go along with HWOODS on his reply. We built a new truck last year. We bought a GMC3500 that someone had ordered for snow removal and it happened to be fire engine red. We started with a 13 horse Honda pump and added a full size primer (from a class A pumper with 1250 gpm pump). Added our own manifold that allows us to attach 2 - 2.5" fill lines for drafting and filling tankers, 1 - 1.5" line for larger fires, and 100' of garden hose on a reel for light grass and cornfield fires. Added space for 2 backpacks along the side and hand tools under the tank and pump assembly. Then added a rear bumper and rack around the bed for safety and hanging the hard suction hose. The only thing we paid a third party for was the lighting package and striping, same company did both to the current NFPA standards. This is our second brush unit and because it is lighter (other unit is a dually with contractors box bed) it has many additional capabilities and uses.
      As with any new vehicle, DEFINE WHAT THE THING HAS TO DO. Then plan from that forward to what additional things would be nice for it to do. Then match that to budget and plan, plan, then plan again.


      • #18
        SilverCity (and anyone else interested), we came up with what we think is a fairly unique primer set-up on our brush units. I dislike exhaust primers because we had one occasion where a pump motor was water-locked and damaged. We use 3.5 or 5.0 gpm diaphram pumps on the two units we built. They are as fast or faster to prime as exhaust primed pumps through the same hard suction.


        I'm not sure what they go for these days, but the 5.0 gpm on our 6x6 was $100 when we bought it. Priming through 20 feet of 2.5 inch hardsuction, a floating dock strainer, lifting about 8 feet we get a draft within 45 seconds of hitting the switch. Quick, simple, reliable, and cheap.


        • #19
          salt grass is what we fight (drought index 780)

          talk to the people your trying to sell to. Our department is building one as i type working with F350 dully heavy duty suspention single cab 4 door cab have a tendency to twist on ruff terrain and then it never quite again doors leak had alumu bed built by locals.$ saver and wieght saver then rino sprayed for traction an cut glare off the bed steps to get on the back .we use a 18hp 150gpm and 70 gpms at full throttle and split to a header with 6 1" full port valves 2 for front work stations left/right sides 1 works the 1/2" 200' hose reel 1 works the front spray nozzle on drivers side front bumper this comes in useful for vol fire dept 1 for pump circulation ajustable for needs and 1 for forestry hose dont worry about the gpms to much your nozzle will be your controller for useage of water real important.400 gal full baffle tank we carry 300gal for the first run if the ground can handle it we fill it up better to have the ability to carry more when needed 2" full port valve for quick filling of truck. pump has drafting still weight under 12.500 with 3 personal on board and tools needed and full tank and please when you sell a 4x4 to a dept make it a true 4x4 we had to install a detroit locker in the front NO truck manufacture offers this so you have to add it and we need it. and please Basic insides nothing fancy OK A/C VINYL (cloth sucks) work lights that can be controled by the guys fighting the fire. just my imput OH BUILT FOR $49.862.00


          300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


          Upper 300x250