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Wildland Firefighter Hiring Information

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  • Wildland Firefighter Hiring Information

    I am a firefighter from NYS. I was hoping you guys can help me out with some information. I dont know that much about The wildland firefighter topic. I was wondering if I could get some information about an agency that hires firefighters to send out to these wild fires. I know of some services such as the Forest Service and BOI. I been looking at there websites but cant find any straight forward information. I wanted to see about how to go about hiring and how long is it, if its for a career or long term or its just a couple of weeks. I am hoping that i could get hired by an agency and go out to California for the current wild fires now. I was a wildland firefighter at the US Military Academy at West Point NY and have S-130 and S-190 if that is good for anything. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thanks fellas.

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    The agency's around here hire both career, and seasonal's. They will hire you for 4, 8,or 11 months, i think don't quote me, as a seasonal. Your s-130/190 is the basic class for any Wildfire Warrior, and will help you get hired. As far as the mounting up for Cali. I have heard through the Hose-Line that the Missioula, Mt Hot-shots are out there, and thats as far west as i have heard. But that doesn't mean ****.

    Sorry but that problly did not help you at all, keep looking man, and if all else fails, go Contracting or as every one out here calls it, become a Mercenary.
    Courage, Being Scared to Death and Saddling Up anyways.


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      I am hoping that i could get hired by an agency and go out to California for the current wild fires now.
      Both FireStorm and NorthTree International are reputable contract companies in California that are probably looking for qualified candidates. If you've got your FFT2 training (S-130/190, L-180, I-100), you should be good to go with them if you can arrange transportation out here...I doubt they'll pay relocation expenses for you, but if you can hoof it out here, I'm sure they'll have work for you.
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        Be wary of some of the contract "crews"

        I would only recommend Grayback (based in Oregon) if you want to do a contractor instead of the forest service, having spent some time there myself before moving on to the forest service, and having nothing bad to say about the experience. They (and Timberline, I guess) are the only contract crews that are called for initial attack and type 1 assignments on a regular and national basis, with equipment at least as good as most government stuff. To my knowledge, they are also the only contract crews that offer full-time positions with a 401k.
        Good luck.


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