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    Kentucky Firefighters pulled East KY.

    Firefighters pulled to E.Ky.


    Oct 1st 2007

    Just five days into fall forest fire season, forestry officials say they have already moved firefighters from other parts of the state into Eastern Kentucky to assist with battlling a large number of fires in the region.Extreme drought conditions have led to increased fire activity in the region over the last several weeks,straining firefighting resources, said KDF Director Leah MacSwords."many of our firefighters have been working for 15-20 days straight and now need some relief."She said."we're going to provide that in the form of our firefighters from other districts that are not experiencing as much fire activity."Firefighters are being deployed from KDF's six district offices whosw areas of responsibility generally lie west of I-75 and North of I-64.Those are the Western,Northeastern,Green River,South Central,Central and Bluegrass Districts.With little to no rain in the forecast for eastern and southeastern Kentucky for the next week to ten days,the KDF is not only repositioning its own resources but also is taking steps to ensure that aid will be available from other states and from federal agencies."several other states have assured us that they will send help if we need it".said MacSwords.The fall 2007 fire season is shaping up to be one of the worst in the last 20 years.There already have been 1,536 fires this year.
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      Floyd County

      Forestry officials seeking help for fire season

      Fletcher bans all outdoor burning

      By TIM PRESTON - The Independent

      BETSY LANE — Forestry officials in eastern Kentucky are still trying to fill their rosters with emergency fire fighters in anticipation of a challenging fire season following drought conditions since early spring.

      Dexter Conley, district forester for the Eastern District serving Pike, Floyd, Johnson, Lawrence, Martin and Magoffin counties, said they have already been battling forest and brush fires in the southern Floyd County communities of Wheelwright, Branhams Creek and Mud Creek, as well as fires “kind of spread out” in Pike County.

      Similar fires have also been reported in Knott and Perry counties, Conley said, adding forestry officials in those counties indicated the problem seemed to be less threatening Thursday.

      Conley said the human factor will almost certainly make the greatest difference in forest and brush fire statistics this fall and winter.

      “Lightning starts five or six fires each year, and the other 99 percent of them are caused by people,” he said, citing weekend activities including all-terrain vehicle trail riding, camping and alcohol consumption.

      Area residents living near brush or forested land are urged to clear a 30-foot perimeter around their homes, clearing any dried leaves, grasses or debris which will help flames access their dwellings.

      Conley urged qualified individuals to apply for several paid positions as emergency firefighters, and said applications are available and can be submitted through Kentucky Department of Forestry offices at Betsy Lane and Hazard.

      After a summer-long drought that has left the landscape parched and extremely vulnerable to wildland fire, forest supervisor Jerome Perez has issued an emergency forest-wide order that prohibits, “building, maintaining, attending or using fire, charcoal, or campfire outside of a developed recreational site” on the Daniel Boone National Forest.

      Portable lanterns and stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel are permitted, which allows for the use of tabletop and backpack stoves popular with many campers and hikers.

      “Unless Kentucky receives considerable rainfall, we expect this fall to be one of the worst fire seasons on record,” said Perez. “The emergency order is needed to guard the safety of our visitors, employees, forest neighbors and their property.

      “Already this year, the Daniel Boone National Forest has experienced nearly 100 fires burning 6,500 acres. This is already 3,000 more blackened acres than all of last year, and the official fall fire season just began on Monday.”

      Statewide, the number of wildfires is much higher. So far in 2007, according to the Kentucky Division of Forestry in Frankfort, more than 1,500 fires have burned over 41,000 acres across the commonwealth.

      To assist firefighters and help further prevent any accidential fires, Gov. Ernie Fletcher signed an executive order Thursday night banning all outdoor burning across the state. The order requests local governments direct their law enforcement personnel to aid state agencies in the execution of the burning ban.

      It also authorizes the Division of Forestry to request federal assistance to minimize human suffering, restore public service and alleviate unanticipated financial obligations resulting from any fires. Exceptions to the burn ban must be approved in advance by the Envrionmental and Public Protection Cabinet. Individuals caught violating the order are subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

      TIM PRESTON can be reached at [email protected] or (606) 326-2651.
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        SLADE, Ky. (AP) - State officials say there's no end in sight for the scores of wildfires burning through eastern Kentucky and sustained by a months-long drought.

        More than 15-hundred wildfires have burned some 40-thousand acres of forest, mostly in eastern Kentucky.

        Kentucky Division of Forestry chief Leah McSwords says this week's smattering of light drizzles only exacerbated the problem by blowing more leaves to fuel the flames.

        Meanwhile, more than 300 firefighters for the forestry division continue to wage an uphill battle against fires that continue to spread. Even fires that have been initially contained with fire lines - areas cleared of debris by firefighters - manage to cross the barriers by burning through dried out roo
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          Fire Crews Hoping for Help From Rain

          Fire Crews Hoping for Help From Rain

          Tuesday, Oct 16, 2007 - 05:27 PM Updated: 07:21 PM

          A fire, which has burned 1,000 acres of woodlands in Leslie County, continues, forcing haze over downtown Hyden,Kentucky.

          At the noon hour in downtown Hyden haze from a nearby forest fire hung over Main Street. Only a few drops of rain fell, intermittently, in Leslie County Tuesday as fire crews worked for the 18th day in a row on an arson fire which has now burned 1,000 acres of woodlands. No structures have been damaged.

          "It's very hard to breath," said Betty Bowling who was working at a bed and breakfast near the current fire. "It's like you're in a room with a whole bunch of people smokin'' and you can't get out." Bowling says the fire crew has done a good job keeping the fire from buildings, but if the winds get up and the fire jumps the line, "it's gone."

          Fire crews cut a fire line near the bed and breakfast, plus the tiny post office in Wendover, as the fire neared those structures.

          Fires continue throughout the southeast as extremely dry conditions have forest officials worried. Rain in the forecast is the best hope now, but it will take lots of rain to lessen the drought conditions.
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            In Greenup County we've had a moderate number of brush fires and illegal burnings, but we have been able to keep them under control.


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