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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post. I am trying to get hired as a seasonal firefighter with either CDF, NPS or the forest service. Most of the captains I have talked to tell me that in order to increase my chances of getting hired I should take either a basic 32 hour course or a 67 hour CDF academy. I have been looking for these classes everywhere and my problem is that they are not offered until around June, and that is well after the seasonal positions and interviews will have taken place and been filled. I have been taking classes working towards my A.S. in fire science and was wondering if anyone knows of a place in California that offers the 67 hour course before June 2007. Are these classes offered online perhaps? I have searched without any luck. Like I said I have contacted CDF and The Forrest service already without much luck of getting one before the season. The certifications I have completed are listed below and I was wondering if you guys think that this will be enough to be considered for a seasonal position.

    S-190 basic wildland fire behavior certification
    S-212 chainsaw certification
    Firefighter 1 certification
    Advanced first aid CPR & AED certification
    Fire Control 3 certification
    Low angle rescue certification
    Auto Extrication certification
    Confined space awareness certification
    HazMat First responder certification
    ICS 200 Certification

    I will have EMT training completed by April 2007. I was recently awarded the Carlos Lorente Memorial scholarship from Columbia College and the top academic achievement award from the fall 2006 fire academy.

    Any advice you can give ot me to help getting hired would be great. I have been working 2 jobs and going to school for the last year and a half and am very eager to start. Thanks!

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