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    Are there any Dozer Ops here, and if so, can you please tell me how to become one on CDF or anyother wildland agancys(USFS Fire Managers).
    Thank you very much for your responces
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    I would guess the "easiest" way would be to get a job as a dozer operator with a contractor who has a contract for firefighting, that way when you apply for an agency job you have fire experience running a dozer.

    I don't know how CDF organizes the dozer modules but the USFS hires swampers which can be a way to get in. From talking to a few dozer operators it sounds like it is pretty common for the swampers to get trained as relief operators, starting with project work and eventually getting qualified to run the dozer on fires.

    The Bureau of Land Management also has dozer operatrors and should be similar to the USFS in organization.

    I believe CDF's operators have to be heavy equipment mechanics as well as operators but that might not be a requirement just a common skill.


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      I'm at the opposite end of the country, so California is not my area of expertise. Here in Maryland, we do not have positions specifically for Dozer Operators, but most Rangers are Dozer Qualified, and there are members of Volunteer and Career Fire Departments who are dozer operators and are authorized to use our machines.
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        NCDFR (North Carolina Division of Forest Resources) hires Forest Fire Equipment Operators:
        Forest Fire Equipment Operators
        Forest Fire Equipment Operators operate a crawler tractor equipped with a fire line plow. Equipment Operators do the mechanical and maintenance work on their equipment, and assist the District Mechanic when needed. Equipment Operators may overhaul and repair both gasoline and diesel engines and hydraulic systems. They attend both Basic and Advanced Equipment Operators Schools and other in-service training programs. Forest fire Equipment Operators must be in good physical condition, have a high school education, an N.C. commercial drivers license, at least one year of experience in heavy equipment operation and they must reside in the county to which they are assigned.

        Applicants for this position are required to pass a drug screen and are subject to random drug testing while employed.
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          From the CDF Fire Protection Careers page:

          If you are interested in working with heavy fire equipment, a job as a Heavy Fire Equipment Operator may be for you. Heavy Fire Equipment Operators are trained in fire fighting and operating heavy equipment used in wildland fire control, forest protection, and conservation project work. Heavy Fire Equipment Operators operate and perform maintenance and repair work on vehicles and heavy equipment such as bulldozers, motor-graders, heavy duty transports, and trucks. Operating heavy equipment is required on steep, narrow mountain roads, under hazardous conditions, on the fire line, road construction, and other forestry construction projects. The examination process typically consists of a written test, oral interview, and performance test. Permanent appointments are conditional upon successful completion of a CDF training course.

          Minimum Requirements:

          Minimum Age: 18 years at the time of appointment.

          Possession of the type of driver license required by law applicable to the types of heavy motorized vehicles operated on the job. (Applicants who do not possess the required license will be admitted to the examination, but must secure the license prior to the performance test.


          One year of over the highway experience operating Class 8 transport vehicles with multi-speed manual shift transmissions, with a gross vehicle weight of at least 60,000 pounds or greater;


          One year of experience operating D6 or D7 bulldozers or equivalent size bulldozers produced by other manufacturers. Qualifying bulldozer experience must include at least 500 hours of operation of the specified bulldozers in rugged terrain;


          Education equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade.
          And of course they have to have open vacancies, for which you'll need to take an examination and qualify.
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