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How can we increase efficiency?

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  • How can we increase efficiency?

    I am downunder and we are entering our worst fire season ever. Like it is dry all over the continent from Queensland to Tasmania.

    Lots of advertising going on for property owners to clean up. Those that do, do and those that don't, don't. Anyway you really clean up for the benefit of your next door neighbour as the fire has already gone through your place before the benefit of your fuel reduction can be utilised.

    One area that I believe is neglected is the lack of coordination within and between fire combating authorities. The rural fire services and their city cousins need to cooperate better to maximise the use of resources. Some areas have predefined strike teams ready to roll ie 5 trucks and a commander but unfortunately this is not the norm and Units are often dispatched on an adhoc basis with very loose management. With the coming season we will incur heavy loses if we do not get our act together and the LOD funerals of 1983 we will repeated in the coming months.

    Maintenance of trucks varies across Australia. In Victoria trucks are maintained by the fire authority and mechanics accompany any large contingent of vehicles minimising downtime. Most other states rely on the local municipal depot and this creates quite unpredictable service times to repair vehicles.

    We to have our version of FEMA but ours is called EMA and probably suffers from similar limitations as the US version.
    These views are my own and not of either my brigade or any other organisation.

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    What we do......

    To help you out with your situation, you may wanna look at the California State Mutual Aid Program....... Not that we do it all great, but this is almost as good as it can get.
    "Be LOUD, Be PROUD..... It just might save your can someday when goin' through an intersection!!!!!"

    Life on the Truck (Quint) is good.....

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