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  • USFS Jobs

    Im applying to the USFS currently is there anything i can do now, to make my self more prepared for this upcoming season? Im A newbie to firefighting just want make myself as prepared as possible

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    Where are you hoping to work (which state)? What training / experience do you currently have? What is your goal, summer employment, career, stepping stone to a city dept?

    While waiting for more specific detail, I can offer this, try and get your basic 32 (S130 wildland firefighter, S190 intro to wildland fire behavior, I100 intro to ICS and L180 Human factors on the fireline), this class is typically taught over a week or a couple of weekends and is often available through school ROP or from wildland agencies.

    Getting your first responder medical or EMT is always a plus.

    Go and talk to the engineers, captains, batallion chiefs where you want to work, this can be the most important step.

    Unless you only want to work for the USFS then you should also take a look at the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and US Fish and Wildlife, all of them hire seasonal firefighters and have basically the same working conditions.

    I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have.


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      well i dont have any specific fire training, unless being blowin up numerous times counts!! i currently Hunt IED's in western Iraq and i dont see any life expectancy in that, ive been in the Marines going on 8 years now im a Combat engineer by trade (ex. I got out and find landmines and Build Stuff)
      i would like to use the USFS as a Stepping stone to a City Dept. however if i like it ill just make it a career, im in Iraq right now so i cant really go do any of the fire specific training, i am a Combat lifesaver though. I applied online for the Foresrt service Apprenticship program, if i cant get that then i would really like to do temp until i can go fulltime. I guess i would like to start by just getting my foot in the door. im looking to work in Socal (clevand,San bernardino,angeles). Is there a way to make my self more Hireable besisdes taking classes?


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        Well the Federal Government takes Vet preference pretty seriously so that will be a big help, the biggest things we run into hiring new people is some don't really want to work. Wildland firefighting is hard work, some think they will be hanging out in recliners waiting for a fire, that isn't what we do. I think your recent work environment will show that is not a problem. Lack of fire experience really isn't that big of a deal for wildland. If you can sell your work ethic and physical fitness you should do ok.

        The area you want to work hires alot of people so that is in your favor. The only thing I can recommend to you is try and make some contacts on the forests you mentioned, you can find contact info here


        Angeles National Forest
        701 N Santa Anita Ave.
        Arcadia, CA 91006
        (626) 574-1613

        Cleveland National Forest
        10845 Rancho Bernardo Road
        Suite 200
        San Diego, CA 92127

        Los Padres National Forest
        6755 Hollister Avenue
        Suite 150
        Goleta, CA 93117
        (805) 968-6640

        San Bernardino National Forest

        602 S. Tippecanoe Ave
        San Bernardino, CA 92408

        You may find yourself being offered an apprentice position but if not, when you are getting close to leaving the USMC I would try to contact the forests near you and find out if they will be offeriing the basic 32, not only will the class give you the required training, it is a great place to make contacts with potential supervisors.


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          this is awesome , thanks alot


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            Good luck over there!


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