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Spec's For brush trucks

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    100% home built. We batch mix our dawn dish soap into the water tank. I use 2 flow control valves for water and air metering. I have 2 cascade bottles that i have tied together with a regulator to control air pressure. The end result is


    Works VERY well on grass/brush fires. Although not as good as Class A foam on fires, for the low cost of dawn soap its great.


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      We are putting a truck together in Pineville

      Originally posted by allison20 View Post
      wow fire dept with money. I'm in ozarks of Arkansas,and we just got a '" new" brush truck. We paid 600 for truck and 2 50 gal tanks. Me and asst chirf put it all togather for another 200. Our fire board reluctantly approved the 800 dollars for our new truck.

      We are in the same boat... Money for putting the basic of trucks together. We have a pickup truck that we are putting together with a 225 gallon tank, 18HP Honda pump (off another truck), 5 KW Generator, Scene lights, 6 backpacks, 3 SCBA's, racks, Leaf blowers, 1-1/2 attack line, 1 stationary nozzle forward, 1 stationary nozzle to the rear, 12V work lights in rear work station, Vector light bar, Wig Wags and most all of this is used equipment that we have had to pull together from other trucks. This started out as a pickup from the Forrestry (Military) now its a RED(Very RED) truck with black rack and lots of lights... We have everything now it is just the time to put it together... Man hours.. Allison20 knows the calls never stop... all this training, repairs, meetings, public service, calls and fire prevention week... Where did the months of July, August and September go...?


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        Originally posted by allison20 View Post
        Actually the new regs are that there not going to come out and check the rig. Easier on them. As I said, HOPE we can get into buying these still good trucks. But I'm not the chief.
        Not exactly. There is a new program where you can obtain DOD surplus vehicles thru your forester and you also get title. You own it. You don't purchase it, a free gift from Uncle Sam. Can't sell for a couple years etc.

        I'm not convienced necessarily a good idea. Program is same as the LESO (for cops) program and the temptation to scam the LESO program has got a bunch of cops in trouble with the feds. I'm sure the same can't possibly happen in the fire service where we have no $ to work with.


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          All 6 of our brush rigs are 3/4 ton chevy pickups with either 250 or 300 gal. tanks and 150' of redline and will go just about anywhere you want...we are also putting a deuce and a half together with a skid load, 600 gal. tank and 150' redline.


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            This tread is old. Well my buddy is now chief. We have gotten one vehicle from Forestry thats a van we use for equipment. And NEIOWA, we just got 2 vehicles from the program you were talking about. One's going to be a tanker, and the other a heavy diesel brush truck. It wasn't that the stuff wasn't out there, our old chief would never bother doing anything to get them.


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              Originally posted by Bushwhacker View Post
              Anybody here think that a 400 gallon tank, setup with tool boxs is going to be a to much for a F-350 dualiy?
              O.K. - I know this is kind of old but for the sake of other folks with the same question - I'll take a stab at it.

              Straight from the Ford Body Builders Layout book

              MAXIMUM PAYLOAD - is determined as the payload resulting from the difference between Rated GVWR and the minimum vehicle weight as manufactured by the OEM.

              For a F-350 DRW - this varies from as low as 4830 lbs to as high as 5630 lbs depending on Cab configuration and Motor Selection.

              Now - Water weighs roughly 8.5 lbs / gal so 400 Gal = 3400 lbs.

              The old numbers I used to have said that you should estimate 10/Gal to include the weight of the tank so now were up to 4000 lbs.

              Next figure in weight of the pump & related plumbing, hose, a reel if you want one, tool boxes, tools, etc. and you are coming pretty close to maxing out the abilities of the chassis (if you haven't already exceeded it).

              Given that the cost difference between the 350 & the 450 (or even the 550) is minimal compared to the overall cost of the project, I would either notch up on the chassis or cut back on the water.
              Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless


              • #37
                UPF standard size polytanks designed for skid units have intended appliations of -

                250gal - F350
                300gal - F400
                400gal - F550

                Big increase in price if you think you need a different size for you skid unit.


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                  You do not have to get duallies on 1 ton+ chassis. Order "super singles" on the rear. They are commonly used for concrete trucks that go off road in mud. They are pictured on the front of this rig. Military rigs commonly have them too.
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                    Originally posted by bradlwar View Post
                    Can anyone tell me if it is a NFPA 1901 requirement to have baffles in a 300 gallon tank on a brush truck?
                    Hi there
                    I am not aquinted with your laws and stuff. In South Africa howevere we found that no vehicle should go without buffles as this stabilizes the vehicle tremendously. I the past we suffered many problems with steel buffles because they tend to rust very quick causing may problems. In several occasions we experienced probs where teh buffles came loose and bblocked the outlet of the tank on scenes.
                    A company in ZA recently invented a plastic ball wit holes in it. The balls are quit big and placed in the tak. It is unbelievable how they stabilize a 3000l water tank on our vehicles.
                    Hope this can help you. If you need more info you are welcome to contact me at [email protected]


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                      aaah hell go big or go home and just go out and buy a type 3 engine. Alot of region 5 forest service agencies roll type 3s and I tell ya what we can charge a hose line and effectively fight fire up and over hills for like 2000 yards.

                      All I can say is stick with the wajax hose for your wildland unit. Cotton is ungodly heavy so if you end up putting any kind of extensive hose lay in your firefighters will hate you, and that thin ultra light stuff is way too weak it gets torched all the time and constantly have to fix broken lines. Wajax is durable and fairly light. And if you're running progressive hose lays at all use a Ganser self feeding pack assembly.


                      300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


                      Upper 300x250