Wyoming Wildfire....sparked by burning TP!!

One man's bowel movement became a burning sensation near Savageton on Monday.

The man was surveying land near Highway 50 and the Savageton Road south of Gillette when the urge hit him. Afterward, instead of burying the toilet paper, he did something else.

He burned it.

The flaming tissue caught the surrounding dry grass on fire and it spread. Carried by strong winds, the fire eventually consumed 590 acres, Campbell County Fire Marshal Dave Mansur said.

A dozen Campbell County firefighters contained the 1 p.m. blaze among the sagebrush and grass after about eight hours on scene, Mansur said.

Crews benefited from two roads that helped to contain the fire and a privately owned blade that was used to create a fire line.

"It was a lot of mop up," said Mansur, referring to the fire.

The surveyor, whose name was unavailable, will not be charged criminally, Mansur added.