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    As I have talked about in other areas about the new gsa shelter that is finally here (for some). I have heard that the training tapes, papers and pratice shelter will be here around the end of June.

    As for the shelters Storm King Mountain Technologies will have them, I think they are one of the companys that are making the new shelter. I have mine coming end of June. Set me back $275 but I think that its worth it. (tax write off)

    Does anyone know anywhere else we can get the new shelters?

    ANd does anyone know of any burns that are coming up anytime soon?

    Stay Safe,

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    I did some quick research....and was unable to find resources that will be selling the new shelter. Only 50,000 will be available in June '03. Where were you able to order one...directly from Storm King?

    As per the NIFC:

    Implementation Schedule for New Fire Shelters

    May, 2003: A new training video, training booklet and practice fire shelter will be available for wildland firefighters.

    June, 2003: The first 50,000 of an estimated eventual 250,00 new fire shelters will be available through the National Fire Cache System.

    Next 5 Years: The current prediction is that about 50,000 of the new shelters will be produced each year until existing shelter inventories are replaced. It will take over 5 years for all wildland firefighters to transition to the new fire shelter system.

    2003 Fire Shelter Update

    The General Service Administration (GSA) will oversee the contracting production of the new fire shelter. 50,000 of the redesigned fire shelters should be available in June 2003.

    For info:

    Storm King Mountain Technologies
    4725 Calle Alto
    Camarillo, CA 93012

    Phone: 805-484-7267
    Fax: 805-484-8167
    Cell: 213-713-4099
    E-mail: [email protected]
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      The ONLY source for the MTDC approved New Generation Fire Shelter will be GSA for a long time. It may be a very long time (a couple of years?) before anything is available outside GSA. There are 2 manufacturers supplying GSA - Weckworth Mfg. in Wichita KS, and Anchor Ind. in Evensburg IN. GSA has been instructed not to send out any of the new shelters until the new practice shelter is also available. The 2 contractors for the Practice Shelter are up and running now and GSA should have stock in the next couple of weeks, all the other training materials are already available in the 2003 NFES catalog. The expected rate of shelter production is between 8000 and 10000 a month and full production has only been going in one contractor for a month, so it is doubtful the desired levels will be reached as soon was hoped.

      While SKM is fully capable of building the new shelter, the materials necessary to meet the MTDC requirements are going to be nearly impossible to get as long as GSA is cornering the market trying to get all Federal Firefighters supplied. In addition, since SKM did not win the GSA contract, MTDC will not inspect and approve it for use by the Forest Service and cooperating wildland agencies if they were able to get material.


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        Yes I got it from Storm King Mountain Technologies.

        Also did a little looking around and companys that will have the new gsa shelter are:

        Storm King Mountain is a third source per George Jackson at MTDC.

        Thank you for answering my other question about the training shelter, some I have heard are going to use the old shelter for training, while others are going to put the new one in the fire pack and not train until they get the new pratice shelter.

        Stay Safe,


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