Good day fellow fire fighters, my name is Kevin with Trident Pump Inc, up in Alberta, Canada. I would like to get your opinion on our 600 lb Trident pump and whether it could be used in certain area's in the US?When there's a fire here in Canada, we are allowed to utilize any body of water to fight a wildfire. I realize that water rights in the US are different, but am unsure if its federal or differs from State to State?
We use 4" layflat hose just to show how our pumps can flow large volumes over a long distance. If we used 6", we could flow 1500 gpm a mile away.
Our system requires 3 men to deploy and operate, as seen here:
If you want to protect a fire guard with a wet line, you can set up our system like so:
As mentioned, I would appreciate any feedback relating to our system...not our video skills.
Being as we just received our US patent, Any information on how we can put these units into the right hands in Washington State, California, Oregon, etc... would be appreciated as well, to help our fellow firefighters.