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Private Firefighters Save Policy Holders Homes, Raise Concerns.

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  • FIRE117
    There is alot at stake for insurance companies, if a wildfire destroys a ritzy neighborhood. Millions in claims. Its cheaper for the insurance company to send in their own contracted team, than to risk losing anything to wildfire.

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  • tree68
    Not sure I like the whole badge/uniform thing - it casts an official air on them, and they aren't municipal firefighters with the attendant authority..

    Beyond that, heck, if they can save my house, more power to them.

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  • drparasite
    wow, here is a user I haven't seen in a while.....

    Based on the article, these guys are hired mercenaries, doing their own thing, without any oversight from the IC. They are freelancing. All is well, as long as they save the house: what happens if they get killed? What happens if forestry service creates a controlled burn, and it traps these guys because they don't know what's happening?

    What's to stop you and me from heading down and fighting some wildfire? Do you have any training? Do I? who cares, the insurance company is going to pay us big bucks to go down there.

    Lets move this to a structure fire. You are first due on the engine on a house fire, and as officer, start assigning tasks to your 4 man crew. While you are preparing to make entry, two guys in a brush truck pull around back, start breaking windows and spraying water from a booster line. They say they are from the insurance company, and were hired to save the house. do you have a problem with what they are doing?

    If these guys want to do prevention, before an incident, particular around the properties of their subscribers, I'm cool with it. you want to clear brush and limbs? awesome. you want to enter the warm or hot zone of a major incident? now we have an issue. You want to do your own thing, possibly interfering with our action plan, with no accountability or oversight? a bigger issue. If you want to help out, you report to the command post, advise them who you are, why you are here, and who requested you, and then we can talk. otherwise, your freelancing, and likely to get yourself or someone else killed.

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  • Private Firefighters Save Policy Holders Homes, Raise Concerns.

    Didn't see a sub-section for Private/Insurance company based Fire Fighting Services so dropping this here for discussion. Mods, move where it best fits.

    Source- https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/we...-their-n869061

    Insurance companies such as AIG are hiring experienced FFs as members of 2 man "mitigation" teams. They do pre-incident assessments and when a threat of wildfire occurs they are dispatched to perform tasks such as clearing brush and limps, foaming and spraying down exposures and hitting hotspots. It seems some of the government guys don't like the private services doing their own thing and not being part of their ICS. Frankly, I see this as being not much different than a company or homeowner contracting for Private Security when a threat of civil unrest occurs. Except these guys don't have Kevlar vests and pistols but have chainsaws and hoses.
    More about the AIG program featured in the article at- https://www-200.aigprivateclient.com...n-how-it-works

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