A CASA 1.131 Jungmann airplane (B? 131) has hit a fire-fighting helicopter Bell 412SP from Babcock (Inaer) EC-MMC, that was landing at Alicante-Mutxamiel Airfield,(LEMU) Spain , returning from the forest fire registered in the town of Culla. As a result of the crash, the pilot of the plane Donald Milne (1991 Scottish Rally Champion), was injured and was taken to the General Hospital of Alicante, later he would die as a result of injuries RIP.
The helicopter sustained damage to the main rotor, tail rotor, horizontal stabiliser and skids.
Preliminary reports indicate that the ultralight had touched the tail rotor of the helicopter when it was about ten meters high, the pilot of the helicopter managed to land without any member of the brigade has suffered injuries.