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Forestry aide position.

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  • Forestry aide position.

    I came across the Forestry aide ( fire) position on Usajobs. I currently posses a BLS CPR&AED card, and exceed the general requirement of 6 months of labor. My experience comes from the construction sector, I've operated back hoes and did manual labor would that be enough to get me in the door?

    I know generally they prefer candidates with basic 32, S-130,S-190. Or would I be wasting my time? I'm trying to find a agency to train me, as those classes are hard to find around where I live.

    This is what the announcement says:

    GS-03: Six months of general experience. General Experience is defined as one or more of the following: Performed farm/ranch labor, such as feeding and tending livestock or general maintenance of farm/ranch facilities; Cleaned tools and equipment; Worked in a greenhouse or nursery moving, watering, and tending plants and performing other general labor; Worked on a landscape or construction crew; Other work experience, paid or unpaid, that demonstrates an ability to learn and perform the work of this position.
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    I tell people apply for any position , you never know what magic may happen

    Gs 3 is kind of a training level position


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      Forestry Aid / Technician is a catchall forest worker category that covers trail crews, fire crews, kiosk attendant etc, the specifics are in the individual job announcement.

      Assuming you are interested in a fire position, it is probably too late this year except for parts of the southern US which frequently have a winter prescribed fire season and late fall / early spring fire season. I would make an effort to get the basic 32 before January for next years fire season. It is possible to get hired without it, but puts you at a big disadvantage. Not only does it force the hiring unit to put on the training for you, you also have to look at it from our side, if you have two individuals applying for a position, and one made the effort to find and attend a basic 40 hour class for the job and the other didn't which one looks more interested in the job?

      As far as the heavy equipment experience, some places do hire seasonal firefighters as dozer / tractor plow swampers where that experience might be useful, but for the most part it is fairly trivial experience.

      Depending on the type of work performed the manual labor could be helpful. It is a lot easier to teach someone how to fight fire than it is to teach someone with no experience of hard physical labor how to work hard. Many stations are in need of work, and facility maintenance is a common task so construction skills can be a plus if they happen to fit a need at that station.

      As 49 says, it can't hurt to apply, lots of GS 3s get hired every year with minimal experience / training.


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