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Looking for a job

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  • Looking for a job

    Looking to head into the world of Wildland Firefighting. Any tips, advice, or places I should contact? Not much of a fan of USAjobs. I have sent my resume out through that already. Just looking for a little more help and advice. Thanks.

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    Maybe a little late this year

    Do a search there is a lot of info on wildland


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      Been searching, got one email back for an Engine Crew so far, but not much else to be heard.


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        It might be a little late for the year. Most agencies have hired all the people they need by this time, as we are well into the fire season in a lot of the west.
        Does Kansas have a state fire outfit? If so, it might be easier to get on an engine. If not you will have to travel to get on a hand crew if you want to see some action.
        Not sure what training you have but a RED CARD is a must to get on with the feds. To get a red card you will need to have the basic wildland class and take the arduous pack test. If you can get a sawyer card it will help a lot as well. Not all of being employed as a federal firefighter is fighting fire, a lot of it is project work, cutting down trees, clearing trails, and what not. Start applying in the winter.

        look at the forest service website, BLM, and National Park Service.
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          Waiting to take my Test for my Red Card classes are completed and passed. I am looking for Next Season, sorry I should've been a bit more specific. I don't think Kansas has a State Outfit since we are just grassy plains and have an abundancy of Rural departments. So far like I said I only heard back from one place out in Cali, about getting on with an Engine Crew in North Cal. Hopefully more offers start to come.


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            The majority of the jobs are Federal with somewhere around 15,000 firefighters divided between the 5 land management agencies. Fed jobs are listed on USAJOBS making it something of a necessary evil.

            Every state has a department of forestry or department of natural resources, but when it comes to fire they range from admin only providing funding, equipment and training to local departments to a few states that have large organizations (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Florida) with most falling somewhere in between.

            The Kansas Forest Service does have a small firefighting organization, being local it might be worth checking out. I know they have some type 6 engines and light dozers (I've seen photos of them), but don't know anything more about the agency than what is on the website.


            It sounds like you have your basic 32 (S130,S190,L180, I100) completed which is a good thing. Fire season changes around the nation, the Southwest usually gets started early with a spring-summer fire season, the great basin and northern states are more of a traditional summer fire season and California has more of a summer-fall fire season. The southern states almost have a reverse season with a short fall-winter fire season and a lot of RX fire.

            It is probably too late for the west, but you might still find a job in one of the southern states. When I was a seasonal I knew of people who would work the fire season in California, then turn around and get another seasonal job in the south with the USFS or US Fish & Wildlife allowing them to work 8 or 9 months of the year.

            For next season job announcements usually come out between November and January.


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              Get all the basic classes done and try to get on with a VFD in your area thats what got me a job with USDF in NV this summer. As for your red card they will test you again when you get to your duty station anyways. I got hired without a red card after everyone told me I would not.


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