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  • Best Place to apply for hotshot crews

    So I'm looking to try at least one season of Wildland Firefighting and I am curious as to where the best place to apply is, do I need to apply individually to each hotshot crew? Or can I fill out a general application that the crews can see? I honestly don't really care what state I end up in, just as long as its at least a somewhat busy area to work in.

    I am certified in Illinois for firefighter II, Haz mat ops.
    -IL certified Paramedic.
    -2.5 years experience (none in wildland).


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    The place to apply would be https://www.avuedigitalservices.com/...nu?agency=usfs (for the Forest Service) or http://www.firejobs.doi.gov/index.ph...on=search_jobs (for the DOI).

    That's not going to get you very far though. Those websites are pretty confusing and the people doing the hiring are going to be looking at a long list of names that they don't know much about. If you want a job you should probably dig up phone numbers for crews that you'd be willing to work for and talk to the captains who will be doing the hiring. They can help you figure out exactly where you need to apply and you'll get the opportunity to politic and set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Other people will be doing this and if you don't you probably won't get a job.

    For what it's worth, hotshot crews are pretty exclusive... if you don't have a background in wildland firefighting you probably aren't going to get a job. You might want to look at engines or regular type-2 crews as they're going to be a lot more interested in what you have to offer.

    Good luck.

    (www.wildlandfire.com would be a great resource for you right now)


    One last thought... hotshot crews generally don't stay on their home forest. If it's a decent fire season you'll usually load up on the buggies once things kick off and it'll be quite awhile before you come back. Unless your home forest is ripping you probably won't spend much time there. They're good crews to work for. If you get a job on an engine or a type-2 crew, you'll spend quite a bit more time on your home forest.


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