Crews Get Forest Fire Under Control

forest fire, Hardin County, Larue County

Fire crews say they have a forest fire under control along the Hardin - Larue County line, but firefighters remain on the scene, watching for any signs of rekindled flames.

The fire started Thursday around 2 p.m., and 100 firefighters battled for hours to control the flames and keep the blaze from spreading to nearby homes and barns. Crews plowed and burned fire lines around the blaze to contain the fire, and ultimately got it under control.

Pam Upton watched helplessly from across the street as firefighters fought to save her home.

"It was close...way too close, and you know I work in insurance. You see people and you see this kind of stuff happening and until it happens to you, you have no clue," she said.

No homes were damaged and nobody was hurt.

Crews will likely monitor the area for several days.