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  • Little League World Series coverage

    Watched the end of the Staten Island NY vs. Illinois game tonight on one of the ESPN channels. The last inning was pretty wild. Staten Island pulled off a double play where the second basemen missed tagging the runner (out of the base path?) and the runner was called out. So the Staten Island kids go to the dugout and the coach congratulates them. He says something like "Come on we only need one run." One of the S.I. kids yells "Yeah one F***ing run!." Then all of the kids say "SHHHHH" because they know that there are microphones in the dugout. ESPN never edited it out on the satellite feed. You have to love those NY'ers

    So Staten Island comes up to bat and gets a runner on first with one out. The next batter hits a nice shot into the outfield and the runner on first tries to get to third where he is thrown out. The batter who had advanced to second base thinks that it is the end of the game and starts walking off the field. Illinois tags him out and the game is over!

    Felt bad for the Staten Island team. I played Little League on the South Shore of S.I. years ago and it was a great time.

    Anyone else have any memorable moments of this years Little League games?

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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    Foul(-mouth) ball

    S.I. must win today after F-bombshell


    WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - The Staten Island Little Leaguers' quest for World Series glory could be cursed.
    Already on the brink of elimination, morale took another hit yesterday when a player was reprimanded for cursing in the dugout - a rebuke that prompted the team's manager to briefly threaten to pull out of the tournament.

    The slip of the lip, which aired live on national TV during Sunday night's game, forced ESPN to institute a five-second delay for the rest of the series.

    "We're here fighting for our baseball lives, and they want to pick on something like this to distract us," raged Mid-Island All-Stars manager Nick Doscher, who considered taking his team home and skipping today's 3 p.m. do-or-die game.

    "It's ridiculous. I dedicated my whole life to this?" he added.

    The foul-mouth mistake happened in the heat of nail-biter loss to Lemont, Ill., leaving the team with an 0-2 record.

    Down 1-0, 12-year-old outfielder Matt Davis yelled from the dugout, "We need to get one f-----g run."

    The comment was picked up by a live microphone Doscher was wearing. The manager swatted Davis on the brim of his cap to remind him about mike.

    Matt immediately grabbed his mouth after realizing his booboo.

    Little League International officials reprimanded both player and coach for the slip, saying, further "unsportsmanlike behavior will result in removal" from the tournament.

    Doscher has a bigger worry today: a must-win game against Phoenix. A loss means elimination. A win gives them a razor-slim chance of advancing to the semifinals.

    Ace pitcher Chris Goetz was to take the mound today, but he broke his ankle in Sunday's game.

    Right fielder Frank Smith, 12, was tapped to start in his place, even as he tried to live down a base-running blunder in Sunday's crushing loss.

    Frank, who belted a walkoff home run last week to send Staten Island to the Series, broke up Lemont's bid for a no-hitter with a shot into center field for what looked like a double.

    But after the All-Stars' Peter Sciarillo was tagged out trying to reach third, Frank headed to the dugout, mistakenly thinking the game was over.

    He was then tagged out to end the game.

    "I got the hit and I really didn't know what was going on," Frank said. "When I was up I thought there were two outs."

    After the game, Frank was visibly upset, witnesses said.

    But yesterday he vowed, "I can put it behind me."

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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      Little league

      I enjoy watchin' the Lil' Leaguers play more than the pros......
      They have more passion, heart and dedication than most pros.
      Yeah, I was watchin' the game on Sunday with my wife and we both caught it. That shows the passion that I mentioned. To be honest, I have been guilty of the same thing only without the mic.
      A couple of my teams were eliminated today, but I will continue to watch.
      "Be LOUD, Be PROUD..... It just might save your can someday when goin' through an intersection!!!!!"

      Life on the Truck (Quint) is good.....

      Eat til you're sleepy..... Sleep til you're hungry..... And repeat.....


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        Go Lemont Illinois !


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          holy crap did u guys see that kid from saudi arabia????? 6'8, 210 (could be more than 210) lbs!!!!!
          First in, Last out, nobody left behind.....


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