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  • She Is Only 6 Yrs Old

    Six-year-old honoured for grace under fire. Critical role in helping her mother when she became ill.

    Andrea Rondeau, CanWest News Service

    Published: Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    CHEMAINUS — Of the 100,000 calls B.C. ambulance dispatch in Victoria gets from across Vancouver Island each year, six-year-old Taylor Trudgeon’s December phone call stands out.

    In recognition of the critical role she played in getting help for her mother, the Grade 1 Chemainus Elementary School student was presented with the Good Samaritan Award by the B.C. Ambulance Service yesterday.

    The award is given “when a person does something unexpected and unusual,” said Ben Maartman, B.C. Ambulance Service superintendent for Vancouver Island.

    Taylor was at home with younger sister Charlie on Dec. 14 when their mother, Christine, who has epilepsy, collapsed with a seizure.

    It was the second such incident in a couple of months, because Christine had to stop taking her medication temporarily due to pregnancy. In October, Taylor was in her bedroom when she heard a thump and found her mom on the floor.

    She called 911 that time, too, as she had been taught by her mother, something dispatchers and ambulance workers say it is never too early to practise with children so they know what to do in an emergency.

    When Taylor called 911 in December, dispatcher Tat Ridenour answered.

    In her seven years as a dispatcher, Ridenour said she can’t think of another call she’s had like this one.

    “She was amazing,” Ridenour said yesterday as she stood outside Chemainus ambulance station in a chilly breeze with a half-dozen others to recognize Taylor’s presence of mind in a scary situation.

    Taylor was able to tell Ridenour her phone number and address, all while monitoring her mother’s condition.

    “I could not believe I was talking to a six-year-old,” said Ridenour, who has three children of her own.

    Ambulance unit chief Jack Hughes responded to Taylor’s call for help.

    “She just did an amazing job. You’d never know she was just six years old,” he said, recounting how when they arrived, Taylor was on the front porch with a portable phone to help the ambulance workers find the residence.

    Taylor then told attendants about her mother’s condition, kept control of the family’s large, barking dog, and took care of her younger sister.

    When asked yesterday if she was scared, Taylor said, “I was, but I was calm, too.”

    She knew the ambulance would help her mom, she said.

    “I’m extremely proud of her,” said Christine.

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    Great read. There is a six year old who is far more grown up than her young years give away.


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      Me too!

      “I’m extremely proud of her,” said Christine.

      So am I!

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