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A Time Limit on Rape???

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  • A Time Limit on Rape???

    Found this on cnn.com/time.com.

    some highlights
    If a woman consents to having sex with a man but then during intercourse says no, and the man continues, is it rape?

    The answer depends on where you live. The highest courts of seven states, including Connecticut and Kansas, have ruled that a woman may withdraw her consent at any time, and if the man doesn't stop, he is committing rape. Illinois has become the first state to pass legislation giving a woman that right to change her mind. But in Maryland--as well as in North Carolina--when a woman says yes, she can't take it back once sex has begun--or, at least, she can't call the act rape.
    Advocates for victims' rights insist it's not just a matter of allowing a woman to have a change of heart. If the law doesn't recognize a woman's right to say no during sex, they say, there is no recourse for a woman who begins to feel pain or who learns her partner isn't wearing a condom or has HIV.
    [The National Center for Men] group has created a "consensual sex contract" to be signed before intercourse.
    an interesting read, and I'm sure with all the firehouse lawyers we have here, as well as any teenager who has been cut off mid, ummm, date, people would have interesting opinions on this topic.
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    Interesting Topic....but.....cant't/won't touch this... No pun intended.
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