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  • SuperBowl Countdown !!

    I predict, the Bears will win. A close game, Peyton has to worry about the Big 54. That's all, Brian Controls the Defense, and he can do anything on the Field. Its going to be Hard for Peyton to get the ball away from Urlacher, he covers any postion. He can play CB, DE, anything..he is a Beast. The Colts can't establish there running game in the middle, they can't rush towards the outside because of the Bears incredible Defense. They Can throw the ball, but the bears will most likely Intercept it and return it for a TD. The Colts are the real underdogs. With the Bears Offense, it's about 50-50. It depends on which Grossman shows up. Grossman , on fire can destroy a Team. I'm sticking with the bears to win.

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    Urlacher is sweet and probably one of my favorite players in the NFL.............im not a Bears fan at all (BILLS AND REDSKINS!).

    But, I also like Peyton Manning and admire his abilities and I think that they are overall a better team. I've got the colts.
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      I love Urlacher, he is the complete package and can take control of a Defense. Peyton, one of the best QB's in History, he can become a whole offense himself. Check this out: His thumb got injured in the last game, he wasn't throwing perfect spirals and was constantly moving it around to keep it from swollen up. That can be huge factor in this game. I say, if they go with the running attack, there not going to avg. alot of yards. Throwing wise, Peyton shouldn't go deep, and the Bears will keep him guessing. The Key player Peyton needs to watch is that beast with #54 written all over his jersey, lol.


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        Being a Steelers fan... I've got to stick with the AFC. As much as it hurts to say... Go Colts.
        My words stated here do not necessarily point towards organizations which I am affiliated with.


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          Who cares, the Eagles aren't playing.

          Make It Happen

          Never forget 9-11-2001
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            My Patriots should be there instead of Peyton Manning and the Colts.

            I hope that "DaBears" eat them for dinner!
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              The Super Bowl is today? I gave up after the N.Y Giants wonderful season... Da Bears by a field goal..


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                Originally posted by callaway75 View Post
                Da Bears by a field goal..

                41's in the books.
                I was off by 2 points. In my pool, I said Colt's by 10. I may have won!
                The game was just like the BCS championship. The Buckeyes came out, ran back the ball on the kickoff but it didn't matter.
                My words stated here do not necessarily point towards organizations which I am affiliated with.


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                  Out of the entire night, this was the best part (and best commercial I think too) LOL

                  Snickers Ad Out Over Homophobia Complaints
                  Super Bowl Ad Showed Two Men Accidentally Kissing

                  POSTED: 5:30 pm EST February 6, 2007

                  HACKETTSTOWN, N.J. -- A Snickers commercial that was launched during the Super Bowl has been pulled from the air because of complaints that it's homophobic.

                  The ad showed two auto mechanics accidentally kissing while eating the same candy bar and then ripping out some chest hair to do something manly.

                  The Snickers Web site had an alternate ending that showed the men attacking each other. It also featured video of players from the Super Bowl reacting to the kiss.

                  The Human Rights Campaign said "jeering" from the players is the kind of thing that fuels "anti-gay bullying" on playgrounds.

                  The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation called it "inexcusable" prejudice.

                  The makers of Snickers said consumer feedback was positive. A spokeswoman said they just wanted a funny commercial and didn't intend to offend.

                  MORE: See Some Of This Year's Super Bowl Ads In Our Special Section

                  Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press.
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