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    I need some help regarding wireless internet cards.

    I recently bought a computer off ebay that came with a wireless internet card. It was a compaq Evo computer and i'll insert the wireless card name later

    BUT, i got it installed with its CD and its hooked up right.... but so far I havent gotten any connection.

    Now, do I need to buy service for it... or what?

    My computer skills are no where what they used to be and I need some help

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    O.K. - this is NOT intended as a smart @$$ answer so don't take it as such.
    A "Wireless Network Card" is just that - a network (ethernet) card that dosen't need a cable (wire) physically plugged in to it to pass data.

    If you already have any type of "high speed" internet service at home that connects to your computer via a network card, then all you need is to purchase a wireless router (<$50 easy - watch sale papers for Best Buy, Circuit City, etc).

    You can also use it to pick up signals from public "Hot Spots" at places like coffee houses, hotels, airports, the library or (like here) the park (you may also see these advertised as "Wi-Fi").

    There are some larger cities that are starting to offer subscription Wi-Fi that you can get like any other internet access (but without the wires). These are commonly refered to as FIxed Wireless or Wireless ISP's (WISP) - however covering such a large area is proving to be troublesom and signal strength (ability to connect) issues are rampant so I'd shy away from those till the technology improves (if it's even available in your area to begin with).

    Heres a pretty good read on Wi-Fi from Wikipedia

    Info on WISP

    Also the above site (http://www.homenethelp.com) is a good resource for general home networking issues.

    I'm sure that about 90% of this is greek to you so if you have more specific questions, just ask.

    My 80+ year old Grandmother is on her 3rd computer and (being mostly home bound) couldn't live w/o the internet & I just got my parents set up with a laptop & wireless in their house so if I can get them through it - I can get you through it.
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      If you didn't get all of what was said above, basically, if you don't have a current high speed internet connection, such as Comcast High Speed Internet, you'll need to get that, and then you'll also need a Router which will dispurse that signal to your laptop whereever you are in your house.
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