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Investigation Continues Into Firetruck, Vehicle Collision

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  • Investigation Continues Into Firetruck, Vehicle Collision

    I thought I would share this news story with you all. on monday night there was an accident here where I live in Iowa involving a pumper and a small vehicle, the 16 year old female driver of the vehicle involved is in critical condition. I would like to point out that this is an accident that is still under investigation and I am sure you will all share in my hopes that this young girl pulls through and makes a full recovery. this accident I know for certain will effect more than one life for a lot of years in the future. my heart goes out to both the families of the teenage girl and the firefighters involved in this accident. there is a video of the scene on this article.


    update with diagram of vehicle locations when accident happend

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    Miller said the fire truck's lights and sirens were activated when the accident occurred, but it was not yet determined who failed to yield at the intersection.
    Well, it would seem to me that the car failed to yield. If they mean who actually had a green light, that is very different.
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      This happened to the folks of Sooke VFD, back home earlier the summer. Young girl driving too fast for wet weather conditions and failed to negotiate the corner, just as the rescue truck pulled out onto the road, heading out for shop maintenance. Sadly she succumed to her injuries.

      Warm thoughts and prayers to the young lady and to the Brothers who are involved in the current situation.
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        Well it looks like the teen failed to yield.

        Let us know when they get enough people to witness who had the green light. Or the outcome of the investigation.

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