Dog Saves Little Boy, Now Needs Home

POSTED: 11:57 pm EST November 15, 2006
UPDATED: 11:00 am EST November 16, 2006

WASHINGTON -- A small dog that may have saved a boy's life in a drive-by shooting is looking for a new home, News4 reported.

Slideshow: Shih Tzu Named 'Max'

Saturday night, the shih tzu named "Max" was in the arms of a young boy when shots rang out on a Northeast corner in D.C. One man was killed and three other people were also hit in the gunfire.

The 4-month-old-puppy was hit in the leg by a bullet that could have easily killed the young boy who was holding him. The child was never hurt.

Like his human counterparts, the shih tzu was rushed to the emergency room. X-rays showed the bullet passed through his leg, but he needed surgery. The hospital bill was expensive, and Max's family had to put him up for adoption.

The humane society then stepped in to cover the costs for the surgery.

The puppy is still recovering, but now the dog who is being called a hero is now an orphan. The cast on his leg, nearly half as big as his frame, reads "Happy Holidays." He has created just that for one family, and now hopes to do it for another.

People interested in adopting Max should contact the Washington Humane Society.

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I dont really like small dogs, and these one in particular are very yappy, so I wont be taking it home.