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    Toy Tool Benches Recalled After 2 Deaths

    POSTED: 9:36 am EDT September 22, 2006

    Playskool is recalling about 255,000 tool-bench toys after the deaths of two young boys.

    The announcement came Monday from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    The children, one who was 19 months old and one who was 2 years old, suffocated when plastic toy nails sold with the "Team Talkin' Tool Bench" became lodged in their throats.

    Playskool is conducting a voluntary recall, targeting the toy nails, hoping to prevent any further problems.

    Consumers are urged to take the oversized nails away from children immediately.

    The toy benches have been sold since October of last year for about $35 each.

    Playskool is a unit of Hasbro.

    The maker says that the toys are intended for children age 3 and older, but it is voluntarily conducting a recall as a precaution.

    The Team Talkin' Tool Bench is a 20-inch tall plastic toy tool bench with an animated red toy saw, a yellow toy drill and a blue toy vice. The toy talks and makes various sound effects, including tool sounds.

    The product also includes a toy hammer, screwdriver, two plastic screws, two plastic nails and pieces to build a small toy plane.

    Consumers can return the nails and get a $50 certificate. For additional information, call Playskool at 800-509-9554 anytime or visit PlaySkool.com.

    Distributed by Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc. The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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    never learn

    First the toy makers will never learn to not make small things that fit into childrens mouths and second parents will never learn to check the age levels of the things they buy.


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      Here is my Christmas list...
      • Pretty Peggy Ear-Piercing Set
        Mr. Skin-Grafter
        General Tron's Secret Police Confession Kit
        Doggie Dentist
        Johnny Switchblade
        Bag 'O glass (retails for $1.98)

      All sold and marketed by none other than Irwin Mainway the President of Mainway Toys!


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        How did we as a society ever survive before the people looking out for us?

        Good points though lvwrench.
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          Wow the toy costs $35 and if you return it you get a $50 certificate.
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