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New Orleans Pay Raises...some get it, some don't

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  • New Orleans Pay Raises...some get it, some don't

    City raises pay for cops and rookie firefighters
    NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Cash-strapped New Orleans gave police
    officers and rookie firefighters a pay raise, but has rejected the
    idea of more money for veteran firefighters.
    The New Orleans Civil Service Commission on Wednesday quickly
    approved a proposal by Mayor Ray Nagin to raise salaries for all
    police by 10 percent and boost the paltry annual starting pay for
    rookie firefighters by several thousand dollars.
    The commission, the first stop for City Hall pay matters, gave
    its unanimous support to the Nagin proposal on police raises
    designed to slow an escalating post-Katrina exodus of police. The
    salary package now goes to the City Council.
    The commissioners balked at Nagin's plan to increase the
    starting salary for fire recruits by $5,300, however, since that
    would have pushed the starting hourly wage for a fire department
    trainee higher than what a first-year firefighter earns.
    Instead, the plan sent on to the council recommends boosting a
    recruit's salary by $3,977, which would increase a rookie's annual
    pay from $15,919, or $5.10 an hour, to $19,896, or $8.31 an hour.
    Even with the bump in pay, firefighter union officials said that
    the starting salary for firefighters is still less than what fast
    food restaurant workers earn in New Orleans.
    Nagin has steadfastly defended his proposal, saying the police
    department has been hit harder by post-Katrina attrition than the
    fire department and emergency medical workers, whom he also
    excluded from the pay-raise plan.
    The mayor also says that firefighters, unlike other municipal
    workers, benefit from a state-mandated, 2 percent annual pay
    increase that kicks in after three years on the job.
    Information from: The Times-Picayune,

    (Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Well I guess we can't knock progress, but it still baffles me that they pay so little for these jobs.

    $8.31 an hour? That's minimum wage around here. Kids at the friggin donut shop start at $13.50!
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