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JonBenet's real killer?

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  • JonBenet's real killer?

    Well, we have already been mass-media'ed to death with this whacko in Thailand who claims he "accidentally" killed JonBenet Ramsey. But already there are a lot of conflicts in what he's saying with what is publicly known about the case, so the possibility exists that he's full of crap and did not kill her.

    So who thinks he did it, and who thinks he's an attention freak?
    Yes, he's just throwing in these red herrings to spare himself 1st degree charges.
    No, his story doesn't add up because he didn't do it.
    Ask me again after the DNA results come back.
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    Personal opinion of course, but I think this guy wants out of Thailand fast.. who'd want to languish in a Thai jail when there are those comfy all amenities offered U.S. ones.. As to whether he did it, no way, guys a nut job... some are saying he's never even travelled to Colorado, just spent a lot of time studying the case.


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      I am undecided on if this guy could be the answer. He has been sending letters to the Ramsey's and a Journalist here at CU for some time. This doesn't appear to be a stunt to avoid time in jail in Thailand on a different charge. I also don't think that the investigators would be so quick to nab this guy if they didn't have SOME evidence that it might even be likely he did it (travel receipts to Boulder, DNA, matching the video from the hardware store where the rope was bought, etc.).

      All I know is the media circus is back in town! Satellite trucks are everywhere!


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        The only sure thing at this point given all the conflicting stories from the ex-wife, was he ever in Boulder, trying to say he was involved in the Polly Klass murder, etc., is that this guy is a complete whack job.

        It's a long flight from Thailand.......point him to the door of the airplane and have him take that LONG first step and be done with it.
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          First off, why oh why did this fruitloop have to be from Alabama!

          Hopefully, they've got a lot more evidence on him because right now it sure doesn't sound like he's Ramsey killer to me. Notwithstanding that case, if the media reports are close to accurate, he's a freak that's into messing with young girls so I don't care what happens to him in a Thai or US jail.


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            I think he did it but I want to se e what the DNA results say. I want to see some hard evidence instead of all this crap that is going around.
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              Isn't Thailand supposed to big with the sex tour types that want various things that will get them into serious trouble "back home"?
              Whatta thing for your nation to be noted for.


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                Hi, I dont mean to be the "kill joy", but shouldnt this be in the Off-Duty section?


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                  Bou, you turkey.

                  I honestly thought that's where I put it. Ain't, is it?
                  “I am more than just a serious basketball fan. I am a life-long addict. I was addicted from birth, in fact, because I was born in Kentucky.”
                  ― Hunter S. Thompson


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                    Originally posted by CALFFBOU
                    Hi, I dont mean to be the "kill joy", but shouldnt this be in the Off-Duty section?
                    It's here now. Was it moved?

                    As for this nut job, I'm really not sure what to make of him. Count me among the folks waiting to see the DNA results. I think they had to arrest him because he said just enough that he was a safety risk -- even though he was overseas. Now that they have him detained, they'll sort through what they have. Sure, it sounds sort of backwards... But this isn't a guy you want teaching your kids. Hell, this isn't a guy you want teaching anyone's kids.


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                      I thought I saw something that said he gave some info/had some knowledge about the body or murder that hadn't been released previously........

                      The dude is a freak...... Still not sure if he did it or not........ Supposedly drugged her and raped her, but no drugs found in her system...........
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                        Originally posted by Fawlty
                        Personal opinion of course, but I think this guy wants out of Thailand fast.. who'd want to languish in a Thai jail when there are those comfy all amenities offered U.S. ones.. As to whether he did it, no way, guys a nut job... some are saying he's never even travelled to Colorado, just spent a lot of time studying the case.

                        This is exactly what I think. He found his way out of a Thai jail. Comes here and is found innocent and freed.

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                          And no evidence of rape either, Brian. Although there was semen found on her body, or at the scene, if I remember correctly. No, I haven't finished reading the following article to confirm that yet, so my comments are my thoughts based only on the bits and pieces of news I've heard on the radio since the story broke.

                          I always thought the dad did it.

                          If the DNA matches Karr, then it would appear to be likely he is/could be the killer.

                          I came across this timeline as I was googling the correct spelling of her name, if anyone is interested.

                          She seems to be known as both Jon Bonet and JonBenet.


                          Report: Suspect knew secrets of JonBenet crime
                          Updated Fri. Aug. 18 2006 6:42 PM ET

                          CTV.ca News Staff

                          John Mark Karr knew secret, graphic details about the condition of JonBenet Ramsey's body when authorities arrested him this week in Thailand, according to a new report.

                          The details that Karr shared with authorities were only known by the investigators on the case and the medical examiner, an unnamed law enforcement official told CNN Friday.

                          The news shores-up Karr's claim that he was with Ramsey when she died. His admission has been in doubt after glaring discrepancies emerged between his version of events and what investigators claim took place.

                          Meanwhile, Karr is awaiting deportation to the United States as questions mount over his stunning confession to the decade-old slaying.

                          Karr's surprise arrest in Bangkok on Wednesday has raised questions over whether his admissions were those of a killer or merely someone obsessed with the case of the six-year-old beauty queen.

                          Karr, 41, told U.S. investigators that he picked JonBenet up at school, drugged and raped her before accidentally killing her in Colorado in 1996, Thai police Lt. Gen. Suwat Tumrongsiskul said Thursday after he was briefed about the interview.

                          But there are jarring discrepancies between reports of Karr's confessions and established facts:

                          Though Karr claims he picked the girl up at school, schools were closed for the Christmas break when she died.
                          An autopsy conducted on the body of JonBenet found no trace of drug and while it described vaginal abrasions, made no conclusions about whether she was raped.
                          Few experts believe the girl, who was slowly strangled with a garrote, was killed accidentally.
                          His ex-wife Lara cast further doubt on his story when she told KGO-TV in San Francisco that he was with her in Alabama during the entire Christmas season that year.

                          "She cannot think of a Christmas while they were together when he was away from the family on Christmas day or immediately thereafter," said her attorney, Michael Rains, though he added his client could not specifically recall Christmas 1996.

                          But Thai police have denied U.S. media reports that Karr claimed he had drugged JonBenet, and also dismissed reports that he had picked her up from school.

                          "He said he did not drug her. He said he wants the world to know the truth. He asked for another press conference," a Thai police interrogator who had been with Karr in his cell told Reuters.

                          It was not clear whether Karr's request would be granted. Thai officials said they were preparing to get him out of the country as soon as this weekend.

                          Karr almost met JonBenet's mother

                          Any previous relationship between Karr and the Ramseys remains shrouded in mystery, though both have ties to suburban Atlanta.

                          Karr told AP on Thursday that he had written letters to JonBenet's mother Patsy Ramsey before she died of ovarian cancer in June. He said that he wrote to her about "many things."

                          Lin Wood, an attorney for the Ramsey family, said Patsy Ramsey handed that information over to investigators, which helped to link Karr to the case.

                          Officials had then asked Patsy Ramsey in May whether she would meet with Karr to help their investigation. One month later she died of cancer, so the meeting never took place.

                          But according to Wood, investigators posed as Patsy Ramsey and continued the correspondence with Karr.

                          "He thought that he was corresponding with Patsy, but he wasn't," Wood told The Associated Press.

                          Wood also said Karr reportedly sent a number of e-mails to University of Colorado professor Michael Tracey, who produced a documentary in 2004, called Who Killed JonBenet?

                          In those e-mails, some of them reprinted Friday in Colorado's Rocky Mountain News, Karr made comments about the death of the six-year-old beauty pageant star.

                          But in one e-mail, he claimed to be under investigation for "child murder and child molestation" in four states, when no such investigation existed.

                          Investigation leads to child-killer

                          Officials at California's San Quentin State Prison searched the cell of child-killer Richard Allen Davis on Thursday, acting on a tip that he may have corresponded with Karr.

                          Davis is awaiting execution for the death of 12-year-old Polly Klass, who he murdered in 1993.

                          In 2001, when California police charged Karr with misdemeanour possession of child pornography, he told detectives he had received a letter from Davis and planned to write a book about the killer.

                          Lieut. Eric Messick told AP that officials hoped any such correspondence might offer clues in the JonBenet investigation.

                          "Our reasoning was that if there was evidence of them having this relationship, then it might shed some light on things -- it wasn't a far reach," he said.

                          "But I don't think we've found anything so far suggesting there was a nexus between Davis, Karr and JonBenet Ramsey. Obviously Richard Allen Davis was in prison at that time."

                          'Obsessed by the case'

                          The father of Karr, Wexford Karr, told the Denver Post his son had been so interested in the JonBenet case that he wanted to write a book about it.

                          "It's clear to me that he's somewhat interested or maybe even obsessed by the case and the real question is whether he's inserting himself into it for some obscure psychological reason," Carlton Smith, who wrote 1997's Death of a Little Princess: The Tragic Story of the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey, told AP.

                          DNA evidence found beneath JonBenet's fingernails and inside her underwear will likely be key in determining whether Karr is guilty in her death, say legal experts.

                          Karr was given a mouth-swab DNA test in Bangkok, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity. The results of that test were not known.

                          Karr will be given another DNA test when he returns to the United States in the next several days, the official said.

                          Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy suggested Karr's arrest came sooner than she would have liked, prompted by "exigent circumstances," and said more work remained to be done in the case.

                          Karr started teaching second grade in a Bangkok school on Tuesday and investigators would have liked more time to develop evidence, said Lacy.

                          In June, he taught first graders at Bangkok Christian College, regarded as one of the city's top private schools. But he was apparently dismissed after two weeks when parents complained he was too strict with their children.

                          JonBenet was found strangled, her skull fractured, in the basement of her family's Boulder, Colorado home on Boxing Day, 1996.

                          The girl's body was found by her father hours after her mother stumbled on a bizarre, three-page letter claiming she had been kidnapped for $118,000 ransom.

                          With files from The Associated Press
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                            Personally, I find the crime and pedophilia disgusting.

                            But I cannot help over the past 10 years thinking....What in the hell is it about this case that keeps it coming back?

                            Why is this one 6 year old (Rich, Caucasian, attractive) kid so much more important than the other kids that have died?

                            I have just gotten sick of it all. It could be my bitterness and cynicism, but for crying out loud......Why is this one incident more important than all the others?

                            Just drives me nuts - just like the whole Laci Peterson, and all the other murders that get all the press. This one case is so much more important nationally than any of the other murders that occured in another city across the country?

                            Oh yeah, I doubt that this knucklehad did it.
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                              Originally posted by DaSharkie
                              Why is this one 6 year old (Rich, Caucasian, attractive) kid so much more important than the other kids that have died?
                              Couldn't agree with you more. Disagree with Bill Maher but I heard him say once that when he hears 'breaking news' he is 99% certain it will be "attractive, white, female' missing.

                              About ten years ago there was a local case of a Raider's cheerleader named Linda Sobek who was missing and ultimately found murdered. It is a tragic story to be sure, but the media attention was incredible to say the least.

                              You would have thought this was the only time something like this had happened.
                              I'm not saying you're stupid. I'm saying you have bad luck when it comes to thinking.


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