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    Originally posted by Lieutenant516
    Yeah, I think its funny too. Only thing is that it got out. Some tax payers might not be happy that they are paying some guys to have fun at the firehouse, imagine that.
    Once overheard at my firehouse!

    Citizen=I don't pay you to throw a football around.
    FF=You are right! We're Vollie!
    Citizen= (confused look on face, then driving away.)
    Us= giggling like little school girls, after she drove away that is!

    Now, I'm not saying that since we are vollies, we're not professional. That is completely untrue. I'd say we are just as professional as the paid guys in the next town, but we all need to have fun everynow and then!!!


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      This is a no Spin zone !

      ------GOD BLESS AMERICA ! ------


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        I was wondering what type of fabric softener they might have used and googled it. I found this little article. Matches some of the symptoms that this guy could've had after going for his little spin.

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          Yeah, I meant to include that part. As far as going into a dryer, I dont believe its illegal, not recommended by the manufacturer, but not illegal lol.
          Well, it's all fun and games until some kid sees it and gets hurt or killed...then it gets serious.
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            Originally posted by ThNozzleman
            Well, it's all fun and games until some kid sees it and gets hurt or killed...then it gets serious.
            Already happened about a year or so back:

            Youth tried for dryer death of Joppa boy

            A family member confirmed that a 14-year-old youth was tried in Morgan County District Court this week for the July 4 clothes dryer death of a 10-year-old boy at Ryan's Crossroads.

            Morgan officials refused to confirm that there was a trial, therefore the outcome of the trial is unknown.

            Juvenile proceedings are closed to the media and public and information is sealed in accordance with state laws which protect juveniles.

            The 10-year-old victim, Clinton Allen Weeks died of suffocation from the heat in the dryer after someone placed him inside and turned it on, according to reports.

            At the time of the incident, police said two 14-year-olds and one 12-year-old were at the residence on Hog Jaw Road in the Joppa community. Police believed that one of the 14-year-olds was the victim's stepbrother.

            No adults were home at the time of the incident, reports show.
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              LONDON, Aug 16 (Reuters) - Four British firefighters were
              suspended by their force on Wednesday over a stunt which saw one
              of the men spun around in a tumble dryer at their fire station.
              The prank, which was filmed on a mobile phone and later
              broadcast on the Internet, shows one of the officers at Blackley
              fire station in Manchester climbing into the dryer and padding
              it with clothes.
              The machine is then turned on and he spins around inside a
              few times while his laughing colleagues look on.
              The firefighter then emerges looking dizzy.
              "Due to the serious nature of the incident, the decision has
              been taken to suspend them until the outcome of a disciplinary
              hearing," said Greater Manchester's Deputy County Fire Officer
              Tony Proctor.

              Media reports said the officer shown in the footage had
              apologised for his behaviour and would be complying fully with
              the internal investigation.
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                Firefighter: I’m sorry for tumble dryer prank
                A FIREFIGHTER at the centre of a tumble dryer prank has apologised for his "totally irresponsible" behaviour and been told that he has kept his job.

                Simon Leyland, 26, of Oswaldtwistle, filmed a colleague being spun inside an industrial tumble dryer at his fire station in Manchester.

                The clip, branded "reck-less" by fire chiefs, ended up on the internet.

                Mr Leyland and three colleagues, from Blackley fire station, Manchester, have all been given a final written warning for their part in the stunt. They have also been fined 13 days of pay, about £850.

                The firemen, Andy Bruce, 33, of Radcliffe, near Bury, Chris Wilcox, 32, of Worsley, and Glen Simon, 35, from Oldham, were all charged with breaching health and safety rules and bringing Greater Manchester Fire Service into disrepute.

                An investigation was held by county fire officer Barry Dixon. Following the hearing the firemen released a joint statement.

                It said: "We all very much deeply regret our actions and the damage and embarrassment they have caused our fire service and would like to publicly apologise.

                "We recognise that our behaviour was totally irresponsible and we are genuinely ashamed and would stress that no one should try to copy the stupid act."

                The men were suspended after the clip was made public.

                The stunt was filmed by Mr Leyland on a mobile phone and saw Mr Bruce getting inside an industrial dryer.

                By Telegraph newsdesk
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                  I think that the English are soft on grime and their humor is dryer than our's!
                  Sorry; I couldn't help myself.
                  On a serious note, you don't hear an entire nation screaming for their terminations.
                  Stupid stunt; yes. Bad example for kids and hillbillies? Definitely. But it doesn't call for any firings. I mean; we have people in this country who race toilets, for chrissakes.
                  People with small IQs have rights, too.
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                    If you lived in a place called "Oswaldtwistle" you would probably think this was the highlight of your day as well.


                    Hillbillies -- washing machines

                    Washing machines -- hillbillies

                    Nope, somehow the mental picture just isn't happening here.

                    Did I miss summit?
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