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The trusty pocket knife, who has one and what does it mean to you?

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    One Real Knife..........................

    Sounds like Dozergirl is the "Class Act Knife" Award winner. Kershaw is certainly a class act in the Knife world. I carry a collection, with different blades assigned to specific "Riding Assignments" These are attached to whatever by a 98 cent "Carabiner" style clip. Here's the Rundown:
    1. All Turnout Coats (3) a $10 single blade rescue knife with a "Hook style" end on the blade. Does seatbelts extremely well.
    2. Lifejackets, (2) A simple 3" flip open straight blade in an Aluminum frame, also has a wrist cord attached. I NEVER go in the water on a job without a Blade.
    3. Rope Rescue Harness, (2) Same as on the Lifejackets, but adjusted so they are tighter to open. You don't want a blade opening accidently while on a loaded rope.
    4. On my Belt, station/bumming around wear. A Winchester version of the Leatherman style tool. Just a Basic tool for a basic job.
    5. On my Tech Rescue Gearbag Strap. A Maxim Tool, a Leatherman on Steriods, for whatever I might need on the spur of the moment.
    6. Dress Blues. A Ceremonial Samuari....... Just Kidding.
    Like several others, I don't have any tools with any fond memories attached, not because I don't care, but because I'd lose them on a job somewhere. Lord knows I've lost enough of them over the years.
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      My favorite knife to carry on duty is a Buck double-blade Crosslock. It's rugged, the blade takes and holds an edge well, and the serrated blade will saw through just about anything. I prefer this setup over the "half-serrated" knives that are so common today.

      My daily knife is normally a Swiss Army "Tinker" model (I like to have a regular and Phillips screwdriver available), but sometimes it's whichever one I put my hands on first when I reach in the drawer.

      As for multi-tools, I have used the original Leatherman but prefer the Gerber Multi-Tool. I normally don't carry it on duty, though, because multi-tools are banned where I work .

      In the pocket of my turnouts I carry a plain Craftsman lockback. I got it for free so no big loss if I lose it.

      No sentimental value to any of these, really, although I'd be pretty upset if anything happened to the Buck. I would definitely have to get another one.

      And of course, my knives are carried in my right pocket
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        I carry a S&W SWAT folder that really has no sentimental value, Other than that one time I had to cut my way through the taliban on my ultra top secret stint with the CIA..Oh I mean I haven't broke or lost it since I got it..
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          I carry two. One is a Swiss Army knife I got from my parents when I was about 12, the other is an S&W gravity knife I got right after I graduated basic. Both knives have been on all three tours with me in Iraq. I keep both of 'em tied down to my gear or belt loop so I don't lose them.
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            Being right handed,in my right pocket,I carry a Victorinox brand"Camper" Swiss Army Knife bought as a replacement 11 years ago after a scrape with John Law left me knifeless and a lockblade"Firefighter"knife ordered by the Trustees from "Our Designs" to give to all members of my old department for Christmas two years ago.The previous Swiss Army Knife was given to me by my Uncle for Confirmation when I was 13.
            Both go with me everywhere and fulfill such tactical requirements as cutting open boxes,cutting line to length,whittling,sharpening pencils,opening bottles,skinning furry critters and laying on the dash of my truck to deter those that want to rummage through my cash bag.
            The SAK is the first one that I've owned with a corkscrew.An old friend and I used to joke about how I thought a dire emergency was to need a screwdriver and not have one while Earl's worst nightmare was needing to open a bottle of fine wine for a lady without a proper corkscrew.
            Like other,if I can't drive there,I'll take a bus and avoid having some petty TSA cop wannabe tell me I can't be trusted to travel with a sharp object.

            For grins,I also have an M6 bayonet which mounts on the good old fashioned M14.
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              I carry a Microtech that my husband got for me. A buddy of his that he grew up with was working there at the time and designed it for me.

              I also have one that his Grandfather gave him when he was a boy that he, in turn, gave to me as a gift.
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                This is my current favourite one http://guuger.com/product/pocket-kni...-pocket-knife/ - I've had it for few years, use it almost every day, it's easy to carry around and easy opening
                And this is my dad's favourite http://www.cabelas.com/product/hunti...F104342580.uts - He has also had it for years and keeps talking about it, so I also recommend this poscket knife too but of course it's quite individual and each person likes different knives and features about it


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