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Fire Hydrants-See the Beauty!

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  • Fire Hydrants-See the Beauty!

    Sleek lines, sexy curves....and OH, when they get turned on...Look Out!

    PURCHASE, N.Y. (AP) - There are fire hydrants bedecked with
    roses. There are fire hydrants having sex. There's a tower of seven
    red fire hydrants, 11 feet high.
    It looks like a city dog's fantasy, but there are no pooches
    permitted. This is art.
    Ran Young Kim, who grew up in South Korea and spent five years
    in a Pennsylvania convent, has put together a free exhibit called
    "Fire Hydrant" as part of her thesis for a master's degree in
    fine arts at Purchase College. The work is on view at the Visual
    Arts Building on campus through Nov. 7.
    Kim, 39, says her goal was to take an everyday object and
    transform it in her studio.
    "People associate the hydrant with fighting fires, or maybe
    with parking spaces - you can't park there," she said in an
    interview at the gallery.
    "But when it's nonfunctional, people can interpret its meaning
    for themselves. To me, a fire hydrant is humorous. I was giggling
    because it seemed to me it was a penis."
    Kim found her matching female symbol in a certain form of
    standpipe with two round openings that reminded her of breasts.
    Several of the pieces in the exhibit - which are untitled - show
    various forms of male-female interplay.
    One piece, she said, was inspired by the Ross and Rachel
    characters on TV's "Friends."
    Her professor, artist Murray Zimiles, says Kim's work invokes
    Constantin Brancusi's "Endless Tower" in Romania and the fanciful
    creations of Claes Oldenburg, who makes giant sculptures of such
    commonplace items as baseball mitts and sandwiches.
    "It's humorous, obviously, and it obviously has sexual
    overtones," he said. "The hydrants become almost anthropomorphic.
    When something like that works on so many levels, it becomes a very
    novel, amusing experience, which is what art is supposed to do."
    "I know I'll never look at a fire hydrant the same way again,"
    Zimiles said.
    Kim said she was inspired last winter by a fireplug near the
    Manhattan flower shop where she was working. It had apparently been
    damaged when the water inside froze and it was marked with a yellow
    ring so firefighters would know it wasn't working.
    "It became nonfunctional and I could see it as something
    else," she said.
    The only real fire hydrants in the show are in photographs she
    took on campus, near her home and near the flower shop on the Upper
    West Side, and a pair she calls her "Country Couple" that she
    spotted among flowers and weeds in upstate Swan Lake.
    Once, while Kim was taking a picture of a hydrant in Manhattan,
    a passerby, apparently figuring she was gathering evidence, said,
    "You got a parking ticket, didn't you?"
    The bulk of the gallery is taken up with the fireplugs Kim has
    constructed of a stiff, plastered paper and various adornments
    including the roses, noodles, chains, tubing, an extension cord and
    a clear gooey substance that looks wet but isn't.
    Kim came to America at age 20 and spent five years with the
    Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary before she "realized it
    was not to be" and began working 70 hours a week at a garment
    factory in Manhattan. She worked her way through Purchase, which is
    part of the State University of New York, and decided to make art
    her career - if she can.
    "I'm not expecting a lot of money," she said. "I'd love to
    find some free studio space somewhere so I can keep working."
    She's already working five nights a week as a waitress at a
    restaurant in Hewlett.
    Zimiles said he'd love "to get some galleries interested in her
    work. If that happens, I have a feeling she'll do quite well. It's
    been an incredible struggle; she lives very frugally, barely
    survives. I admire her. I admire anyone who's so dedicated that
    they'll do anything to make their art."
    Kim's father, who she says had artistic leanings, died in 1995.
    Her mother and brother, she said, "don't really get" her art. As
    for the nuns, she hasn't stayed in contact and they probably
    wouldn't be able to get beyond the sexual content of her work to
    see that it's about love, she said.
    "Recently, I realized that there is a desire to love and to be
    loved throughout the work and I was very much surprised to find
    it," she said.
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    hmmm...maybe after they get rid of those cows in West Hartford center, they can put the hydrants there. Right Keith (if you are reading this)?
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      **Spelling as per "Hooked on Fonics**....


      H....i...d...r....AAAAACCCCCHHHHHHH I don't even know that word, never mind spelling it LOL.

      We don't have hydrants in our area, and have to shuttle it anywhere we need it. At 3000 gal/trip, plus three 1000gal port a tanks, we do the best we can. But that's where a great mutual aid program comes into effect.
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        Hey 27

        Down here we use a little device that was made by one of our guys localy.

        Get some 4" Aluminium (Kiwi spellink) tube and fittings for your suction hose. make 45 degree bends at either end of a 3' length of tube, and put about 6" off either end with the suction fittings attached.

        When we pull up at a house fire we can use the gooseneck with suction hose to feed directly from the house water tank into the portable pump and off to the truck.

        Most houses have between 4,000 to 5,000 gallon tanks down here son it makes a damn handy water supply.

        And if the house burns down they wont need the water anyway.

        We then look to the neighbours tanks for a quick reposition if necessary, remember to refill the truck tank first
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