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Vampires Unite (under The Beer Tent)

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  • Vampires Unite (under The Beer Tent)

    Now, I can't speak for anyone except myself, but I know first hand (very painfully) what a reduction in blood and an induction of alcohol does to a body. It creates a very fast drunk and a very very very long and painful recovery "tomorrow". Needless to say, I will never give blood again. (No that's not true - I just won't drink alcohol afterwards!) I think I'll stick to the juice and cookies.

    Oct 27, 7:45 AM EST

    Colo. Blood Drive Offers Free Beer

    DURANGO, Colo. (AP) -- Sounds like a fair trade: blood for beer. United Blood Services of Durango, Colo., held an unusual blood drive this weekend.

    Donors got a free pint of beer for a pint of blood. Four area breweries took part in the promotion.

    People from the blood bank got into the spirit of the season, by dressing in Halloween costumes including vampires.

    There was a little more at stake for the brewers than just civic pride. The owner of the brewery that collected the least amount of blood will get a makeover today: hair dyed blood red.

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    I can't see this being sponsored by the American Red Cross !
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      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......Maybe they should try this at my college, I know it would DEFFINITELY be succesful... Personally I always give blood, and I enjoy my beer. Its a win win situation baby...hahaha


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        When I was in Australia many moons ago, I stopped by the local blood bank to donate. At the time, worked as a medical lab technologist, so I knew the necessity of a full blood bank....

        Anyway, I was offered my choice of refreshments afterwards, including a beer. When I expressed my surprise, telling the nurse that after donating blood here in Canada, we're advised NOT to drink alcohol for 24 hrs. The response? "If we didn't offer beer afterwards, we'd lose half our male donor population"!

        Hey, I'd always been told that Guinness was a meal in a glass, and was often given to patients in hospital to up their vitamins and iron! Sounds good to me!

        Cheers (I think I'll have a Guinness now)

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