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  • NFR...jeesh

    Hmmmm, you're
    a) arrested for selling crack
    b) give a false name
    c) were deported ten years ago
    d) and posted a $25,000 cash bail

    Yeah, this guy's gonna show up for his court date

    I'm pretty liberal on immigration issues, but does the initials "INS" mean anything?

    Wednesday, October 22, 2003

    Former deportee arrested

    Christine Guilfoy

    FITCHBURG- A man who police said gave a false name after being charged with selling crack cocaine at Parkhill Plaza Monday was released from custody yesterday after posting the $25,000 cash bail set in Fitchburg District Court.

    Jerman Carmona-Santos, 49, identified himself as Roberto Suarez when he was arrested Monday, said police Capt. Charles M. Tasca. Police discovered his correct identity through his fingerprints, and also learned he had been deported from the United States in 1993, he said. Capt. Tasca gave the following account:

    Shortly before 4 p.m. Monday, off-duty police Officer Donald F. Richards saw what he believed was a drug transaction taking place involving Mr. Carmona-Santos. He called the police station and Officer Francisco Balaguer Jr. went to the scene. Officer Balaguer questioned and then searched the suspect, finding several packets of what appeared to be crack cocaine and approximately $1,100 in cash.

    Mr. Carmona-Santos identified himself as Roberto Suarez, and had a valid Massachusetts driver's license in his possession.

    After his fingerprints were taken, police Lt. Philip J. Kearns Jr. noticed they did not match the fingerprints on file for Roberto Suarez. He sent the fingerprints to the FBI, which identified them as belonging to Mr. Carmona-Santos.

    The FBI told Fitchburg police Mr. Carmona-Santos had been deported to the Dominican Republic in 1993.

    He was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession with intent to distribute in a school zone, and giving a false name to police, Capt. Tasca said. He told police he lives at 328 Elm St., but another address in Hyde Park also was associated with him, the captain said.

    In addition to the $1,100 in cash, Mr. Carmona-Santos also had an $800 money order in his possession, according to court records. A pretrial conference has been set for Nov. 20.
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    Fri, Oct XX, 2003
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