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NYC firefighter convicted in workers' comp scam

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  • NYC firefighter convicted in workers' comp scam

    (New York-AP) -- A ballet dancer turned firefighter is convicted
    today for stealing nearly 17-thousand dolalrs in workers'
    compensation while he was working in a New York City firehouse.
    40-year-old Curtis Crowe, of the Bronx, pleaded guilty to two
    counts of grand larceny and a count insurance fraud over his
    alleged double-dipping between February and April 2000.
    Prosecutors say Barrett will be sentenced in January.
    He faces up to seven years in prison, but the judge ordered
    Crowe to make full restitution and indicated that Crowe would be
    given a conditional discharge at sentencing.
    According to criminal complaints, Crowe claimed he was injured
    while perfomring with a touring ballet troupe in a December 1999
    fall. Two months later, he was sworn in as a city firefighter, even
    though he was drawing workers compensation.
    He also claimed he was permanently disabled while working as a
    city lifeguard in 1992. Yet while drawing benefits from that case,
    he passed a physical exam in 2000 that indicated he was fit for
    duty as a firefighter.

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    It always amazes me when people think that they can get away with stealing from the worker's compensation system. From what I understand, almost all violators are eventually caught.

    What a maroon.
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      Unfortunately, worker's comp fraud is grossly under-reported and rarely prosecuted.
      Even when they catch someone on a roof, though they are "unable to work", the claimant or his attorney will use the "good day/bad day" argument. All the while, driving up the costs to the system.
      Illinois probably has the most liberal work comp system in the nation, which might explain why so many small businesses are closing up and moving. I handle claims for the company that I work for. In this state, if you aggravate it, you caused it. You can aggravate arthritis in this state and receive benefits. You can cause your own injury and receive benefits. You can be negligent, get hurt and sue your employer in civil court in Illinois and probably get a settlement. Sometimes, I wonder why I do what I do, but if you can take care of those who truly deserve the benefits of the system and deny some scumbag scam artist looking for a quick buck, then it's been a good day.
      Fraud is more prevalent than you think. After all, we are talking about MONEY!
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        We've had a couple times over the years people have applied for active membership while collecting worker's comp!

        "Um, don't you think that'll look kinda bad on your worker's comp claim if you're found firefighting?"

        One of the applicant was already collecting for an injury sustained during a fire with the other company in town (and we're all on the Town's carrier). Hello?
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