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A truly frightening halloween tale....

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  • 33motor
    What exactly does a Fire Engine do, and do you really need four firefighters on it
    About 75 mph, if you really get your foot into 'er...

    it's always good to have some witness'....

    Good story

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  • firefighter26
    started a topic A truly frightening halloween tale....

    A truly frightening halloween tale....

    The rain was pouring like the heavens had opened all their hydrants at once. Every now and then a flash a lighting would streak across the sky. The crusty old jake made his way down the dimly lit hallway. The lightning outside throwing unearthly shadows against the wall as he made his way closer and closer to the door that he could barely make out at the end of the hall.

    "Am I insane?" he mumbled to himself, almost expecting an answer from the shadows.

    He looked around the once familiar hallway, but everything was darker, almost sinister. "Damn it, I should have stayed back at the station," he mumbled as walked silently down the hallway. "What does the Mayor thing he is doing calling me down here on Halloween?" he thought to himself as the door loomed closer.

    The hallway felt to be a mile longer than it should have been, or maybe it was just the dim lights playing tricks on the crusty old jake. As he took that last step towards the door he could feel a cold chill shudder its way though his body. Then the hallway fell silent, totally void of any sound but the thumb of his heart and the chilled sound of his breathing.

    He reached out with his hand towards the doorknob, slowly. Somewhere in the back of his head he half expected it to come alive and bite his un-expecting hand. Nothing. Slowly, he turned the knob and pushed the door open.

    Inside, sitting behind an old oak desk was the Mayor, dressed in his best grey suit. In front of him was another may he did not recognize. He was short and noticeably bald. His small, black eyes partially hidden behind a pair of thick glasses. His suit was plain and ironed, with almost perfect creases.

    "Thank you for coming" said the mayor, as he offered a gesture towards to man seated in front of him.

    The man stood up, almost perfectly straight. "My name is Mr. Howard Smith," he started, "and I have been hired by the city council to be the new administrator for the Fire Department. I don't know much about Fire Departments, in fact, I have never seen in the inside of one, but the Council has put me in charge of every aspect of the department." He said, as he pushed his glasses back on his nose. "I just have a few questions," he stated as he pulled some papers out of his briefcase, "What exactly does a Fire Engine do, and do you really need four firefighters on it.."

    Suddenly, the crusty old jake woke up, back at the station. He could hear the rain beating against the window almost as fast as his own heart was pounding. The room was silent, except for a ring that could be heard in his office.

    It was the Mayor calling...

    Happy Halloween Crusties
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