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    Could you imagine responding to this run?

    Woman breaks both legs protesting loud music


    >RIDGEFIELD -- It doesn't pay to lose your temper over loud music.
    Toni Lynn Lycan, 44, got so mad about the music blasting from the apartment downstairs that she jumped up and down as hard as she could - and broke both her legs, according to police in this southwest Washington community near Vancouver.
    The injury was discovered when officers were sent to the Carriage House Apartments on Thursday afternoon, Police Chief Bruce Hall told The Columbian newspaper in Vancouver.
    Lycan initially yelled at her downstairs neighbor - Allen M. Haines, 27 - to turn the music down. Haines, in response, grabbed a broom and banged the handle on his ceiling.
    That infuriated Lycan, so she jumped up in the air and slammed both feet on the floor, hard enough to break both her legs about 4 inches below the kneecap, Hall said.
    Lycan was in satisfactory condition Saturday at Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, a nursing supervisor said.

    Heck, maybe she was trying to dance...
    Be safe y'all!
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    Break Dancing?

    Sorry!!! It was there!! Had to take it!


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      Tip of the Iceberg.............

      Gotta be a lot of strange things out there. A couple of days ago, the Box Alarm was sent for a report of smoke coming from a Tobacco Warehouse (y'all from anywhere south of me know what a tobacco warehouse is). 4 Engine Companies, a couple of Ladders, a Heavy Rescue, couple of ambulances, bunch of Chiefs, and 3 tankers headed down the road. Very shortly, the first due chief advised that he was holding the first engine and first ladder to check a bit more, but there was no fire, the occupant was trying to smoke out a snake in the wall. The dispatcher promptly announced "On box 20-04, Chief 20A is holding Engine 202, 203, and Truck 45 to deal with the snake, all other units are in service............" (side note to TM25, I think you were 2nd due Truck) Stay Safe....
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        Our dispatch always gives out "unconscious fainting"...

        LOL, is there any other kind of fainting?

        or.... "sick party"

        Oh what a deviant mind can come up with on the way to one of those... "Man, you people really ARE SICK... now get that donkey outta here!"

        Got Crust?

        We lucky few, ... we band of brothers


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          While not all that strange, I always love the dispatch to "unknown type problems", If they dont know what is wrong, why did they call for us, and what are we going to do for them?
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