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    New Zealand farmers declare victory as government backs off on 'gas' tax

    Canadian Press Thursday, October 16, 2003

    WELLINGTON (AP) - New Zealand livestock farmers can breathe easy again.

    The government has dropped plans to impose a tax on their animals' flatulence. Farmers and opposition members of Parliament claimed victory Friday in their battle against a government plan to impose levies on "emissions" from sheep, cattle and deer herds.

    The levy would have raised about the equivalent of about $6 million Cdn a year for research aimed at cutting the methane output of farm animals, which makes up more than one-half the total greenhouse gas produced by New Zealand each year.

    Under a new research plan put forward Thursday to end the impasse over the tax, "the government have got most of what they wanted, farmers have got everything that they wanted and are not spending one more cent," said farmers' spokesman Charlie Pedersen.

    He called the decision a retreat and "a victory for common sense."

    The government denied any retreat, saying it was close to winning a commitment from farmers for funding research "to significantly reduce methane and nitrous-oxide emissions from livestock."

    Climate Change Minister Pete Hodgson said he was confident the two sides were close to an agreement. He revealed no details of the new proposal.

    He said he hoped the research plan, without any compulsory levy attached, could be signed and sealed in the next two or three weeks.

    Pedersen, vice-president of the lobby group Federated Farmers, said action by farmers, including an MP driving a vintage tractor up the steps of Parliament in Wellington and a 65,000-signature petition, helped "bring the government to its senses."

    © Copyright 2003 The Canadian Press

    You'd almost wonder if the Kiwi government had nothing better do to with It's time.... although I guess animal gas research is probably more productive than spending money on "pot sales".
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    Yes indeed the common man has won a great victory.

    As one of those that signed the petition it feels good.

    The organisation against the Animal Flatulence Tax was aptly called...

    Fight All Rediculous Taxes (F.A.R.T)

    And we won.
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      Has anyone tried to put the same kind of tax on the politicans? It would seem to me that the "hot air" and other emissions from them must be a contributor to global warming.

      Stay Safe


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        Dear god, don't give them any ideas!!!! Could you imagine if they imposed such a tax on fire stations?


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          which makes up more than one-half the total greenhouse gas produced by New Zealand each year.
          So, how much does that amount to, then? About 1/10 of what Los Angeles puts out in a day?

          Gimme a break.
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