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First We Cried For The Rain And Now We Screaming For It To Stop

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    Measurements taken early this morning now show our river has risen over 5' since Monday night. That is the new record for out here. The Fire Hall is on the bank of the river, and the water is 6" from spilling into the parking lot and flooding the building. The rain has eased, but has not stopped.

    I think it's just about time to move the engine.

    Anybody got a canoe they can spare?
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      Further update to the Aspen Rd story.

      By Rick Stiebel News Gazette staff

      A record rainfall Oct. 16 washed out a section of Aspen Road on the Malahat, stranding the 200 residents who live in a subdivision there.
      "A renter called me this morning and said that it happened Thursday around 1 p.m.," said Alex Loiselle, a partner in the property owned by Robert Hall. "I've lived all of my life in Victoria, and I've never seen anything like this."

      Loiselle, who came out to assess the damage, said he was trying to get to an excavator on the other side of the chasm where the road had been.

      "There's some skids that I can make a bridge out of, if I can get to the excavator," he said. "Maybe we can build something across 17 Mile Road, so people can at least walk in and out."

      He pointed to grass clumps wrapped around trees as evidence the water roared down the road nearly 10 feet above the creek bed at the storm's peak.

      Loiselle said the washout may have resulted from extensive work he said the JJM Group did last summer near the creek on the north side.
      "I think the culverts filled up with sand and gravel from the rain, and eroded the road," Loiselle said.

      Mark Stevens, JJM's assistant general manager for maintenance, said the company did access work there to allow equipment to clear debris, which is a regular problem.

      He said JJM did not install the culverts, which he thinks were put in when the road was built.

      "We're working on installing a route at Aspen right now so people can get in and out," he said.

      Hall said JJM tried to implement access on an old logging road on Friday, but ran into some problems.

      "They worked on 17 Mile Road on Saturday," he said. "People were able to drive in and out using that road as of Saturday afternoon," Hall said.

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