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Down At The Stn We Were Studying Ropes 'n Knots.. And Well...

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  • Down At The Stn We Were Studying Ropes 'n Knots.. And Well...

    'Bondage 101' seminar has UVic students learning the ropes while on campus

    Janet Steffenhagen Vancouver Sun Wednesday, October 15, 2003

    The University of Victoria says it supports plans for a student-run seminar on campus -- called Bondage 101 -- that will offer students instructions on how to use ropes during sex.

    "Why not?" replied David Clode, UVic's executive director of student services, when asked if the seminar is appropriate for a university campus.

    "Maybe some people need some instruction in [bondage], if that's their inclination or proclivity."

    Clode said the group organizing the seminar -- UVic Pride Collective -- is a thoughtful organization that sometimes takes "bold action" to educate students and promote tolerance.

    "Education has a right to flourish [on campus]. Certainly no one is being coerced to attend," he said Tuesday, adding that it's better for students to learn bondage from competent instructors than from unknown sources on the Internet.

    UVic Pride, a part of the University of Victoria Students' Society, says the three-hour seminar Oct. 22 -- at a location on campus it refused to divulge -- will be hands-on and interactive.

    An e-mail describing the seminar advises participants to bring "100 feet of 3/8-inch braided rope, cut into 1x50 and 2x25 pieces, ends finished with whipping or burned or tape [temporarily]."

    Such rope can be purchased at Canadian Tire or a marine store for about 18 cents a foot, if it's braided nylon (although hemp is strongly recommended), the informational e-mail says.

    Students should bring a blanket for the floor and a kneeling cushion and should dress "in suitable attire for rope work," the e-mail says.

    "Loose, baggy garments can get in the way of ropes and tight, constricting clothing is totally unsuitable. Body suits, leotards, bathing suits are all excellent choices. Nudity is fun too but won't be an option until after the workshop when you go home . . . wink," the e-mail says.

    Instructors will be "local bondage aficionados/experts" from Victoria's Sagacity Group, which describes itself on its Web site as a place for those who enjoy BDSM (bondage, discipline and sado-masochism), kink and fetish.

    Clode said the university would never stop the students' society from sponsoring seminars of its choice.

    "They don't need my permission or anyone else's permission," he said in an interview.

    "It's part of the educational process for students to be self-governing."

    Although Bondage 101 might shock some people off campus, it's not a big deal on campus, he added. UVic students tend to be "ahead of the wave" and are proactive about encouraging inclusive societies.

    Are parents likely to be bothered? "I don't know. As a parent myself it wouldn't bother me. My sense of it is there are a great many events that take place in a university that will challenge everyone's values."

    Michael Joyce, UVic Pride chairman, said the response from students has been good, but he was surprised by off-campus interest from the media and several U.S. Web sites that have posted the e-mail.

    "I don't see the newsworthiness of this at all."

    The seminar will not include sex, Joyce stressed. "We're just going to be discussing the safe use of ropes in a sexualized context . . . how to tie and untie knots and make sure there's no danger."

    The seminar costs $15 per couple. The group wouldn't say how many students have registered.

    [email protected]

    © Copyright 2003 Vancouver Sun

    Anyone "interested"? LOL
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    Where do I sign up ??!!!! Yanno, I was just thinking about those knots the other day, and of course my devious, demented lil head started to wander FAAAAAAAR away from any fire ground practice I could use those knots on ....... and ..... well yanno
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      Probably a Merger Coming..........

      The section on Chains in Rigging 101, and Artistic Leatherworking, will probably be merged with the Ropes......... Stay Safe....
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        Will I get to do some confined space work as well?
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          In the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice " What is the world coming too? The first thing I'm gonna do when we get home is punch your mama in the mouth. "
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            SIGN RAY UP!!!
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              it is required you know

              The 2001 edition of NFPA 1983 specifies current minimum requirements for the design, performance, testing, and certification of life safety rope and system components used to support fire or emergency services personnel and civilians during rescue, fire fighting, or other emergency operations, or during training evolutions. System components include:

              Life safety rope
              Harnesses (leather only please)
              Personal escape rope
              Auxiliary equipment (would this be the whipped cream to prevent rope burns and the kneeling cushions?)

              Sign me up. But I need someone to practice with.
              We have to do our part to support fire personnel.


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                "Personal Escape Rope"

                Oh the images that brings to mind!

                You might want to add a head lantern and mercy signal flare to the list.
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                  I wonder if I can get that to count towards my CE hrs.?


                  2 hrs. extracation
                  2 hrs. ventilation
                  2 hrs. Bondage (ropes & knots)


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                    Hmmmmmmm I wonder............... if polaroids were taken of certain Knot formations......... would it be enough to pass the practical??
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                      Sounds like my ex's idea of a first date.


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                        Wow. Where do I sign up? I certainly wouldn’t miss a class. What type of a degree does it count for? Can I put those hours towards my fire science degree?

                        * I’m studying the wrong major. *


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                          collegebuff can I get your ex's number. She sounds like my kinda woman
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                            hahahahahaha @ 12
                            To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world.

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                              Do those ropes come in silk? I have such delicate fair skin.....


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                              Upper 300x250