Man Finishes Underwater Marathon

POSTED: 7:44 a.m. EDT October 10, 2003

LONDON -- A British man who spent 12 days walking on the bottom of Scotland's Loch Ness describes the experience as "very cold and very lonely."

It might have been a little less lonely if he'd run into the Loch Ness Monster. But he says there were no monsters in sight.

Lloyd Scott walked 26 miles wearing a 1940s diving suit, complete with a 40-pound metal helmet. He finished the underwater marathon Thursday.

The former firefighter and professional soccer player did it to raise money for children with leukemia.

For decades, people have reported seeing a sea monster in Loch Ness -- but the existence of such a creature has never been proved.
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The only question I have about this is Ok, he didn't see "Nessie" but then if he 'walked along the bottom', how close/far from shore was he? Otherwise, good job on the charity thing!!!