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  • Just when you think you've seen it all

    I've been at this for almost 30 years and just when you think you've seen it all someone will prove you wrong. We ran a call last night in which a guy set off a bug bomb in his house and then he and his wife went to bed!!!!! Duh. Then they wondered why they both woke up and couldn't breath. That folks is why we will always have a job. Laugh and stay safe. Mr. Bill

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    Bill, remember that we don't generally respond for someone doing something smart!
    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
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      But had nothing to add until I read deeper into the local online news, where I found this li'l gem of a story. (Hey you CRUSTY'S out there - does thist story sound familiar? "...Ahhh Honey.. we umm .. well we have a situation here...." )

      Senior survives blast, treats himself.

      CP Wednesday, October 01, 2003

      BURNABY, B.C. (CP) - A self-reliant senior who accidentally sparked an explosion outside his Lower Mainland home didn't think his injuries were serious enough to call 911.

      A welding attempt by the 80-year-old experienced tradesman caused an oil tank to explode Tuesday afternoon.

      The senior, who RCMP called "tough as nails," suffered first- and second-degree burns to 40 per cent of his body.

      But, instead of calling 911, the Second World War veteran went inside, took off his burned clothes and cut off his singed hair.

      He then jumped in a cool bath and afterwards smoothed vitamin E cream on his burns.

      Only then did he call for an ambulance, although he didn't use the emergency line because he didn't believe the situation warranted it, said Const. Phil Reid, spokesman for the Burnaby RCMP, in a press statement issued Wednesday.

      "When you think of think of some of the 911 calls we receive and go to, this one is definitely worth a 911 call," said Reid. "However, I can see my own dad reacting the same way."

      The man met the ambulance crew outside his house and was recovering his hospital on Wednesday, said Reid.

      © Copyright 2003 CP Broadcast News
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