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Future Fire Fighter Needs Advice!

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  • Future Fire Fighter Needs Advice!

    I'm very interested in becoming a fire fighter, and have been working out for nearly 5 months to get in shape. I'm 6'2 175 right now. Our local ordinance has certain physical test's you take, and acrue points during the proccess. They are maximum sit ups/push ups/ pull ups in one minute. And running a mile and half in 12 minutes. The testing period start I believe in January. I feel I'm progressing well, and have gotten a lot stronger in the last few months. Our local Fire Chief has been my next door neighbor for 20 years so I have good connections, but I dont want to seem like a pest asking him questions all the time. I was just wondering if you guys can give me some tips/advice on weight training (programs etc.) and just getting myself prepared so I can do as well as possible. Also, if you guys know any reading material that would help me on the written test. Please post here, or email me

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    If you have questions to ask just ask, the only dumb questions are the ones not asked. So if you have any questions just ask he will be glad to answer, or maybe we can help here. As for the weight training thing, just do the basics or if you want to go all out with it join a fitness program. I am sure once you get on the Department of your choice they will probably give you the approprite reading materials for your studies.

    Good Luck

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