Now this one is just too funny for words. Do any of our British Brothers have anything further to add to this one?

Arrive Alive speed trap campaign in Wales nabs 12 police officers

Canadian Press Wednesday, September 24, 2003

LONDON (AP) - Police in north Wales set up a trap to catch speeding motorists - and netted 12 of their own officers.

North Wales Police said Wednesday that the speed cameras of their Arrive Alive Campaign recorded 102 police vehicles breaking the speed limit over the last year.

Most of the officers were responding to emergencies, but in 12 cases the drivers had no excuse for speeding and were fined the standard 60 pounds or about $135 Cdn.

The speeding officers were a tiny fraction of the nearly 50,000 people caught by cameras in the district last year - but nonetheless embarrassing for Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, who has described speeders as "anti-social" and "criminals."

Beth Mitcheson, spokeswoman for the Arrive Alive Campaign, said the figures should reassure the public that the cameras don't discriminate between police and civilian vehicles.

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