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    Every once in awihle I can "feel" us getting a call, you know like we are going to have an arrest today or bad accident. And when I get the feeling I am not to often wrong and it does freak people out. The worst thing I can ever remember about weird things that was un pleasant is having my alarm clock and pager going off at the same time...........scared the _______outa me, thank goodness it has only happened once. Lets see.....I can also be good at this one too...ever hear another departments tones going off and before the dispatcher gives the address and nature you have already blurted it out ? ...........man does that send the troops a runnin' .........so ya I can say I have had those goofy "twlight Zonesque" nirvana.
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      I think we all have had a moment like that at least once.

      Does anyone have something that "brings" you calls?

      We have 1 guy who keeps his orginal helmet (one of the old Cairns sald bowls from the 80s) by his gear. Every once in a while when he is working our dayshift or he has the Echo unit all night, he will carry it with him. Probably 8 out of 10 times he has it with him, we are getting something decent, usually it's a structure fire or trauma or something.
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        This is the first I have heard of taking superstitious items on ride alongs. Reminds me of my college football days when our defensive end would never wash his practice socks... I guess it worked for him because he is a starting linebacker for the Phil. Eagles and is making a moderate $1.2+ a year.


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          Hose, isn't that damn near what you're making?

          Omnis Cedo Domus



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            Move the decimal over to the left about 3 places and you will be close.


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              I want to say thank you to everyone that has posted a response ot this thread. It is good to know that what we feel and experience is not an isolated occurence and that many others have the same types of experiences. I have met alot of new friends in chat room and thru this forum... thank you! Please feel free to continue to post your stories here for the rest of us to read and relate to.


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                Is this Dejavu?

                I have two stories I would like to share. I will post them seperately. I know this first one may seem a bit farfetched... But on brother's honor I swear to you all that it really did occur.

                Not too long ago, I was going through EMT school and one of my good friends was a paramedic whom I enjoyed riding with. After school was over, we went out to celebrate our graduation. While eating out, one of the paramedics began telling us a story she had been told by my friend earlier that day.

                My friend and his partner had worked a fairly quiet shift. Later on that day, they received a dispatch for a priority 4 transfer. When they arrived at the hospital, my friend and his partner began filling out their paper work while their patient was brought down to them. The patient was being transferred from the hospital to a psychiatric ward at a different hospital across town. While filling out the papers, dispatch came over the radio and asked if they had picked up their priority 4 yet, and if they would like to run a priority 1. Since the patient was already in the truck, the call was diverted to the next available unit. The call ended up being a stand-by for a fire with children reported trapped in an upstairs bedroom. My friend was in back tending to the patient and finishing paperwork and had no prior knowledge of this call going out.

                The patient was transferred and while the emt was filling out the final forms, my friend the medic went up with the patient. He came back down and just had a puzzled look on his face. When they got back in the truck, the EMT questioned him about it and he began to tell the following story.

                "The girl we just transported was being committed because she claims to be able to see and talk to dead people. When I was in the back, I began to talk to her and asked her about it. When I asked her what she was seeing right now, she told me about a woman who was in her late 60's in a town to the north of the city who died a few days ago;

                (I'm sorry but currently I can't remember the whole story and can't remember what all she had told him. I will try and get an update and then update my posting for the book.) ANYWAYS:

                I asked her what else she saw and she described a guy in his early to middle 20's in a city about an hour north. She told me what he looked like right down to the clothes he had on his back and the type of shoes he was wearing. She told me that he had committed suicide because he was severely depressed "over his girlfriend breaking up with him." She said that she could see him crying and that he "shot himself."

                By this point my friend said that he was starting to get pretty freaked out. He said that when they got about halfway there the girl started crying and he asked her what was wrong. She said.

                "I can see a little boy who just died in a house fire. The fire was set by his brother in the little boys room. the brother was playing with matches and set the house on fire and the baby was in his crib and couldn't get out. She also described what the boy and brother were wearing and said that their parents had left them home alone."

                At this point he was kind of half and half on blowing her off or being scared. The EMT then informed my friend that their was currently a fire in the city with a report of people trapped and my friend just kind of looked at his partner in disbelief. It was at this point that dispatch called and asked if they were available and dispatched them to the fire standby as the unit that was on scene was enroute to the ETC with a class 1 Trauma. They were dispatched to the scene for standby and when they got their, they got out and began to talk with a few of the firefighters in rehab about what was going on. My friend noticed a chief officer he knew and went over to talk to him. While they were talking, my friend mentioned this story to him. After hearing the story, the chief just looked at my friend with a look of disbelief and said, " You aren't going to believe this but that patient that was transported was a 3 year old boy who was found upstairs in his crib. We had severe smoke inhalation and didn't make it, although he had been run hot to the ER. The fire had been started by the child's brother who was playing with matches and the children were left home alone. My friend was just in shock and when they cleared they went back to the ER to confirm the childs death. The child had died and when they looked in the obituaries, they found the death of the 20 year old and the elderly woman.

                So as it turns out, this girl was not crazy at all. She was actually able to communicate with the deceased and was living in her own unbelievable hell. Sadly, she was to spend the rest of her life in an insane asylum because no one believed her and passed her off as nuts...

                Tell me that is not just freaky and I'll say you are nuts!

                All things I say...while not always making sense are ALWAYS my opinion and only mine. They do not reflect the opinions of any department of which I am a member.


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                  Now For My Second Story

                  My second story involved my first fire. My Cadet Lieutenant and myself had been up playing games on my console, which I brought to play since we were both spending the night at the station. We had talked about how I had yet to be on a fire and how much work they really were. I told him that we were going to have a fire between the time we went to sleep and end of shift. We went to bed on a bet. 0615 rolls around and our tones drop:

                  Report of a Commercial Structure Fire!!! XXXX Eaglecrest St. XXX Horse Trailers.

                  I was awakened right away and rolled off the couch (we only had three beds at that time and four people on shift!) I sat on the end of the couch and began to put on my shoes, thinking this would be another medical... When I heard the words 10-70 structure, I rolled over the back of the couch and busted out the door... I had on my bunker pants, my nomex hood, had the door rolling up and was throwing on my coat as the other guys were coming down the stairs in their boxers. We pulled out of the station and upon turning the corner, were met by a dark black header.

                  (At this point I was about to crap myself! Hey gimmie a break I was new!)

                  Upon seeing that, my captain immeadiately requested a second tone out for a confirmed working structure fire and request for mutual aide to head our way ASAP! Now for this next part I have to go back to before the fire call or the night before that.

                  :FLASHBACK: :FLASHBACK:

                  A few months prior we had a new guy join the department. He had claimed to be a former paid firefighter for a Dallas suburb. He rarely showed up for training and had yet to make a call.

                  :NORMAL: :NORMAL:

                  Upon arrival I get off to the truck and begin to assist and readying the engine for sustained operations. I then went with my captain and followed him as he made his size up. We were met by this new guy coming from the side of the building telling us where and what was on fire. I was in shock to even see him there and asked him how he knew about the fire. He simply stated that he was here when it started. It was to have been his first day of work at this place and it burns down. After this fire, this guy disappeared off the face of the earth. Never heard from him nor saw him again... I always felt fishy about that, and about the fire. I will not come out and say this fire was incindiary in nature, because as you all know that is illegal. But shortly after this fire, the companies brand new offices opened across town in a huge new building. The fire happened in the last month of this companies moving process to the new building. Thus, I have always wondered about it.

                  I dunno... What do you all think?

                  All things I say...while not always making sense are ALWAYS my opinion and only mine. They do not reflect the opinions of any department of which I am a member.


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                    heres a few of mine

                    For alittle background I have been a fire/ems/police explorer for about 6 years. I have run alot of calls in those years, I usualy do about 2 13 hour shifts a month and a 24 every 2 months. I switch between fire and ems every other shift. I started to notice the weird stuff happening around dec of 02.

                    Back in june I was just sitting reading and I got a very weird feeling, very hard to explain, kind of a floating feeling. I dismissed this feeling as just bad food (this was about 10am). I got the same feeling 3 times later that day, about 12 pm, 1230pm and 3pm. When we were all around the dinner table that night, someone from dispatch called the station and told the captain that there was a problem with the automatic dispatch computer program (avl) at the dispatch center. We actualy had 4 calls that day that were in our district but we were not dispatched to them, the calls were toned out at 10:01 am, 12:05pm, 12:32pm and 3:03pm. These times coincide with when I was feeling weird. The captain got these times from the dipatch database which is avalible to the stations. Very weird.

                    Just last month I was doing a EMS shift and we were doing our daily inspections, the radio was on and the song hemorage by fuel came on, seconds later we were toned to a code blue, the song came on later that day 2 more times, we ran 2 more code blues within five minutes of the song coming on.

                    The one that scared the crap out of me was in december of 02 I was napping in my easy chair after lunch and was jolted awake by something, I dont know what it was, a minute later tones droped for a code1 structure. Later that afternoon I was jolted awake right before a vechicle accident. These were my first encounters the 6th sense/intuition.


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                      Fire Fighters, EMS and police Officers around the world experience this phenom. Is it explainable? Is there logical reasoning behind it? It amazes me to no end that so many of us feel this occur and do not know why. You all have been sharing some very good stories and I cannot wait to read more.


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