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    I got a big kick out of the photo with this article on one of the local reservists serving in Iraq!

    I wish they had a high-res version available!
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    They are nicknamed "Diesel dogs"? Somebody oughta look at that photo more closely. More like "Diesel Darlins".
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      ha thats great.. i want to plaaaaaaaayyyy!
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        According to the Department of the Army's Personnel Section, as of May 2003, there were 13,623 women serving with military units in Iraq, about 10 percent of the total military force there.

        LOL NJ!
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          glad they are NOT mad at me !
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            Some men pay alot of money to see stuff like that.

            Whats funny is the fact that they probally mow down Iraqis left and right but if a spider came in the tent they would scream bloody murder.

            Women...............I cant figure them out.
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              The picture is awesome......and.... You should have learned by now that you will never figure em out....

              Just let em do what they do and respect em for what they do!

              Man/Woman/Child/Beast....whatever...If they are defending our great country...You gotta love em!
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                Originally posted by captstanm1
                Man/Woman/Child/Beast....whatever...If they are defending our great country...You gotta love em!
                as long as they stay safe over there
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                  Here is the Canadian silver nickle's worth...

                  Odd look, tea invitation for Canadian woman in combat role in Afghanistan. TOM HANSON Canadian Press

                  Monday, September 15, 2003

                  CREDIT: (CP/Tom Hanson)

                  Canadian 3RCR battlegroup Capt. Jen Causey (left), from Codroy Valley, Nfld., chats briefly with some German ISAF soldiers at an observation post in Kabul, Afghanistan Monday. (CP/Tom Hanson)

                  KABUL (CP) - Capt. Jen Causey, commander of a light armoured vehicle with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, gets an odd look once in a while when the local people notice that she's a woman in combat gear.

                  In Afghan society where women are excluded from the circle of men who call all the shots, a soldier is one of the last things a woman is expected to be. But Causey, 27, a forward observation officer originally from Codroy Valley, Nfld., says she is always treated as a soldier when she is on duty in Kabul with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

                  She is one of fewer than 10 Canadian women serving in a combat role in Afghanistan, although nearly 10 per cent of Canada's 1,950 troops in Afghanistan are female.

                  Canada is providing the largest contingent to ISAF, the multinational force responsible for maintaining security in Kabul and protecting the UN-sanctioned interim government of President Hamid Karzai.

                  Causey says she is invited, like any other soldier, to the traditional tea during meetings with local police and Afghan military commanders. The invitation amounts to an acknowledgement of her status with the Afghans. Local Afghan women would never be allowed to join such a meeting; they are rarely, if ever, seen socializing with men in public.

                  Causey ventures out of Camp Julien - the main Canadian base in the southwest sector of Kabul - four times a week as commander of her light armoured vehicle, heading for an observation post or some other spot in support of ISAF missions.

                  Hardly anyone recognizes her as a woman when she is wearing her helmet and battle gear in the vehicle. But once on the ground and she swaps her helmet for a sun hat, her petite size and warm smile make her unmistakably different from many of her fellow soldiers.

                  ISAF is frequently on alert against attacks, but its presence in Kabul has brought a measure of stability to Kabul.

                  Much of the rest of the country, however, is fought over by feuding warlords or left unattended by any authority, allowing remnants of the ousted Taliban and al-Qaida fighters to launch hostile action against Afghan government troops and foreign peacekeepers.

                  The danger became apparent last Thursday night when unknown attackers fired a rocket into the main ISAF base in Kabul, hitting a cargo container just metres away from tents where soldiers and workers were sleeping. A civilian contract worker from Vancouver suffered slight injuries from flying debris.

                  Causey said she had discussed at length with her husband about her tour of duty in Afghanistan.

                  He was apprehensive, she said, but realized it was something that she wanted to do and agreed it was better now than later when they have children.

                  As the armoured vehicle made its way back to Camp Julien, Causey reflected on her military career, the training before leaving Canada and her time in Afghanistan.

                  Half jokingly, she said: "I think I've lived with my crew longer than I've lived with my husband in the last year."

                  The Canadians have been deployed in Kabul since August. On Sunday, Causey celebrated her 27th birthday.

                  © Copyright 2003 The Canadian Press
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                    Damn!!! Ok Those HOTTIES are the hottest military chicks I have ever seen, and the scariest! The guns definately complement their figure. I would hate to go head to head with one of them. I'd surely loose. Anyway. God Bless and Stay Safe.

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                      loosing to the diesel dogs???

                      That could be fun, maybe they would take me prisoner, and then....................

                      Well you (we) can always hope (and fantasize).
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                        No longer an explorer, but I didn't wanna lose my posts.

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                          first they would flash you (err... with a gernade) thaaaaaaaaaaan shoot you.
                          I havent failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work.

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