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    Two years have passed since the grief of a nation brought us to our collective knees. Today we return to pay homage to those lost on Sept. 11, 2001. The wounds of sorrow for those who lost loved ones on that black day are still raw. For most there will be no closure. Half of the dead are still lost in the ashes and rubble that has now been removed and transplanted.

    For those who loved them there will be no formal ending. For the ones that have been claimed and identified, there will be graves to preserve the magic that was briefly held along with the unmeasured loses of untallied futures. They will be the lucky ones in a story without luck.

    More than three thousand people died together that day. In a shared moment of terror and destruction, they disappeared from this earth within seconds of one and other. Their souls took their places in the weeping hearts of a world that now hangs onto it's place in a universe less certain than the promises made before that morning of terror.

    At first all we wanted was revenge. Whoever did this to us needed to pay. We needed a face on this unknown enemy. As it turned out there were as many faces on the 'evil ones' as there were for each lost angel. After two years the hunt for those who reined terror on a nation distracted by false complacency continues. The quest for justice will carry on but there will little comfort for those less consumed by battle than by grief. Nothing can change the fact that what we lost on September 11 can never be replaced.

    Today a memorial was held on the site of the fallen twins. The children of the lost were paired into duets chanting name-recitals. They stood like little glass soldiers, stiff with sorrow as they called out to alphabetical ghosts, ending each turn with a loving reminder of where they once belonged and why they are still weeping.

    They were all saying the same thing. "I am the son; I am the daughter; I am the wife; I am the husband; I am the father; the mother; I am the one left behind. I am destined to miss you for the rest of my life."

    Ceremonies will continue long after this day. Each year we will take time to remember a page from history that will be watermarked by tears that will never run dry. But only those of us who lived it, who watched it unfold, who were scarred by the fires of a searing sword that carved death out of blue sky...only those who have been cursed to live in such uncertain times will know how it felt to have so many souls ripped away from life. They are gone for reasons that will never makes sense. They are dead for causes that will never be explained in ways that ordinary men will ever understand.

    All we will remember from that sad day in September will be the sight of burning twins as they crumbled into white ash. We will only remember the trampling herds of screaming people as they ran for their lives on an otherwise ordinary day.
    We will only remember the way thousands of angels floated from the sky like a million blank sheets of paper.

    Why? After two years we still don't know why. All we know so far is that after the flames were dosed and the smoke was cleared and the rubble was removed...love and hope won over hate and despair. All we would know is what we knew all along. We know that in the face of certain death, heroes would race to be the first in line because that's what heroes do. We would learn that simple, unassuming men have the potential to become warriors and that when faced with the chance to prove what they are made of, almost every man and woman is capable of doing the most selfless acts born of pure courage.

    All we know so far is that today we will remember each and every name...the ones found, the ones still lost. We will remember the survivors and we will wish we could put our arms around each weeping, brave, fragile child and promise each one that tomorrow will be sweeter.

    All we know about the future is that we are more willing than ever to preserve it and that it never meant more to us than it does now. We know that life is precious and given the chance to share it with someone we love is a blessing and a miracle. We know that those who survived that attack on freedom are more resolved than ever to protect it and defend it.

    For now, we are just trying to save what can be saved of the past and protect and preserve a future that will continue to be built around democracy and dreams.

    God Bless America. God rest the lost souls of 9/11 and God help those who will try to steal another piece this country's liberty.

    by: Kauilapolu
    Colleen McQuaid

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    That was incredibly touching. Thank you


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