Did anyone see the Documentary/Drama on Showtime/Showcase tonight called DC 09/11? I watched it. Then aftewards there was a special called "Images from Ground Zero." I watched the first one. It chronicaled the events that occured after the attacks and the actions the White House Staff, The President, Vice President and his cabinet took for the next week to 10 days.

It was very well done and I have to say that as hard and salty as I am, some of the footages and images that were displayed and the events that were portrayed made me sob.

There were scenes such as the President in New York when he was given the Shield of the Fallen NYPD Brother by his mother, there were images of the president visibly upset and unable to speak, there were images of white house staffers with sheer terror in their eyes. There was a protrayal of the President defiance to the terrorists by often refusing the advice of secret service folks and there was the image of the FDNY Firefighter who was digging for his brother, who approached the president and offered support, but first clarified his political stance by saying: I" didn't vote for you, but I support you and want you to get who ever did this!"

It was awesome I think.