I knew that most people will eat anything, but this one wins the Big Prize in my books....

Thai man claims eating live worms keeps him healthy; just like 'mushy' rice

Canadian Press Tuesday, September 02, 2003

BANGKOK (AP) - A worm a day keeps the doctor away - at least for a firefighter in central Thailand.

Paisit Chanta, 39, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he has been eating a live worm every day for nearly three decades, and that's the secret of his health. His story was featured Tuesday in a major newspaper, Thai Rath.

Paisit's unusual habit started when he was fishing in his native village in Nakhon Nayok province, 90 kilometres northeast of Bangkok.

"One day, I was sitting there waiting for a fish to eat my bait for hours and was starving. Suddenly, I realized fish don't die from eating worms so I shouldn't either. I ate them until I was full," Paisit said in a telephone interview.

He now loves worms, and has become accustomed to chew them instead of swallowing them whole.

The father of two credited his good health to this dietary supplement, saying a mild flu was the worst illness he's had.

His co-worker Thepnakorn Kongwien, 28, said Paisit often digs for worms in the area near the fire station.

"We're used to that. But we still think it's strange and disgusting," he said.

Paisit said eating worms was like "eating mushy sticky rice." He was referring to chewy glutinous rice, eaten as a snack and sometimes a staple food in parts of Southeast Asia.

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