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    Whats your town like? Like anything special in your town. How big is it and all and possibly the historical part of your town? Im cusious to what kind of town your Department responds to.

    Well here is my town

    Our Fire Department is called Williamsburg Township Emergency Services, Our town has about a population of about 2,400 in the village, with a 50 mile square radius. Our town was founded in 1796 and our town resides about 35 miles east of Cincinnati. Our town is traditional, we have 1 resturant called Mammas Grill, we have no big resturant chains running through our town. Our town operates its own Fire, EMS, and Police. Our village consists of a main street running stright through down town(if thats what you want to call it) and we have about 10 streets on each side. We have about 4 industrial businesses here, Dualite, that makes signs, Cincinnati Fiberglass, which makes fiberglass parts for Semis, and cars, And Milacron that make plactic stuff. There are 3 gas stations in our coverage area one is a Marathon and two BP stations, also we do have two resturant chains in our coverage area a Wendys and Gold Star but there not in our town. Our town is basiclly a residential town, with few businesses, we have a few though, like attorney Offices and goodwill place. We have one little Pharmacy in town, we also have 1 little store in town that sells just about all types of food. There are about a million churches in our town, no actually about 10 churches. There is a set of Railroad that run through town. We also have a Bus line in our town which would be CrosWell Bus Company, we also have Napa Auto Parts. Williamsburg is te oldest town in the county, The founder of Williamsburg later founded our county. Williamsburg has 3 schools, a high school, elemantry school and a Genisis center. We cover a portion of the East Fork State Park. Williamsburg also protects a Mansion thats not in our town but its in our district, the Mansion actually did burn down in 1998 but quickly rebuilt. I would not concider our town Richy or poor, Kinda in the middle. Williamsburg has a lot of historical places in town, we also have a portion of the Underground Railroad running through here.

    Well thats all I can think of, My question is Whats your town like?

    Stay Safe

    I.A.C.O.J. Probie

    You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Lets not forget those lost on 9-11-01

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    Special? Let's see, we have the reigning NBA World Champion San Antonio Spurs, some old building called the Alamo (anybody ever heard of it?) and ummm oh yeah, one heck of a Fire Department . (edit) I almost forgot, 1400+ Firefighters, 49 Firehouses serving a population of 1.14 million citizens.
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      We're called the Monrovia Fire Department we run from two Station's , In service daily from Station 101 Engine 101, Squad 101, Light Force 101, Battalion 10 from Station 102 Paramedic Engine 102
      We also have a State of California OES Engine given us to the state for free and just took delivery of a new 2,000 Gallon Water Tender aquiired with funds given to us from a F.I.R.E Act
      MFD is led by Fire Chief Sam Digiovanna who started off with Monrovia as an explorer and as his worked his way up to where he is now

      Our town may be no ordinary from many of the towns in Southern California but we like to think of it as special, One major target hazard in the City is our brush area, Lots and lots of tinder dry rush in our foothills many of it has not burned in the past 20 years some of this is located in the City's wilderness park which also has a boy scout camp we also have a major highway dividing north and south Monrovia

      Monrovia has a population of 35,000 our Department ran 3,500 calls last year
      We built our own training tower and we are preparing for construction to begin on a new light rail system that will be running through the southern section of the city

      Our town is like every town gas stations, schools, grocery stores etc
      Engine 101
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        Randolph, NY

        We are called the Randolph Fire Company, Inc. we over now about 50 square miles covering about 6000 residents. We cover 4 major corporations. Randolph Dimensions, which does furniture stuff. Alcoa which I think is canning and that kind of stuff not sure though. Register Graphics which prints newspapers, yearbooks anything anybody could possibly want. And Conewango Products which manufactures and sells Milking machine products I guess. 2 gas stations a Lake County Dairy and a Sugarcreek/Wilson Farms. 2 major restaurants Oreganos Family Restaurant and R&M which is a truck stop of Route I-86 exit 16. One teeny tiny airport... it has been dubbed "Randolph International" when really its Randolph Local? 3 Schools. Randolph Central High School, Gail N. Chapman Elementary School and the Randolph Acedemy. 3 large farms with hundreds of head of cattle, and 1 feed mill. 7 churches... 8 bars and a auto parts store, and Tru-Value. Slaughterhouse and locker plant. 2 elderly assisted living places. 3 cemeteries(not that they require much). 2 banks and a pharmacy. 4 auto garages...1 Quality Markets.

        Really now that I think about it... we are kind of a booming little town. We run generally about 100 fire calls a year, mostly MVA's. and about 450 ambulance runs a year(mostly to the assisted living facilities.) about 42 active members, 7 trucks and 2 stations.

        Anything else you want to know? Just ask...
        Firefighter/EMT Mitch Cowen
        Hose Co. 1 1st Lieutenant
        Randolph Fire Co. Inc


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