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Arizona Installing StayBack-Proof Signs

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  • Arizona Installing StayBack-Proof Signs

    Wow....word has gotten around about the dangers to traffic control devices...

    PHOENIX (AP) - Some new stop signs in Cave Creek may be odd but
    they're getting the job done.
    And generating some complaints from motorists.
    Crews have recently installed four 12-foot stop signs with
    reflective tape wrapped around their posts, making them look like
    giant candy canes.
    "They're beyond bizarre. They're so high you can't see them up
    close. You have to look straight up," said Councilman Bob Coady.
    Coady said he's received complaints from motorists about the
    But Town Administrator Jonathan Pearson said the signs are about
    5 feet taller than standard ones to keep them from getting knocked
    down by the side mirrors of trucks.
    Roger Ball, Maricopa County community relations manager, said
    laws require that stop signs be at least 7 feet high in urban areas
    and 5 feet high in rural areas.
    But there are no height restrictions, he said.
    In some spots, the county has increased the height of its own
    signs to prevent them from being targeted by graffiti artists, Ball
    And the county has also striped some signposts to prevent them
    from being hit by passing vehicles.
    Cave Creek's Pearson said the signs might be a little too tall,
    but they're passing muster.
    "We haven't lost any of them," Pearson said.

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    They're so high you can't see them up close. You have to look straight up," said Councilman Bob Coady.
    umm, I know he is a politician, but aren't you supposed to look at the sign before you actually get to it?
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